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internet connection speed

How to check the actual internet connection speed?

How fast is our internet connection?

Our internet provider (Which we call ISP), the company that provides us with the connection, may have promised some speed in data transfer from the internet, especially when downloading from the internet or watching streaming content.

In reality, though, it is very likely that you are not getting the internet connection speed you are paying for, which may depend on various factors to be discovered.

To measure the real speed of a connection, however, you cannot rely on the download speeds that you see when downloading files and while browsing on websites.

Download speed depends in fact, too many things away from us and our ISP, and for example, may be slower for the number of passages between our router and the server to which it connects, or because that remote server is configured to limit the speed of data transfer.

Instead, you need to calculate and verify the real speed of the Internet connection by finding a server that is not far away and is not limited to the amount of bandwidth available.

You can then try downloading a file from this server first and uploading data to see the maximum download and upload speeds that you can achieve in this transfer.

In this way you could measure the speed of connection of the last mile, that is, the distance between our telephone attack and our ISP control unit, as accurately as possible.

To do this, though, there is a need for dedicated tools that are able to measure the connection speed.

First of all, to verify the connection speed and get the most accurate results it is important to make sure no program on your computer is using the Internet bandwidth.

Therefore, no file transfer programs such as BitTorrent should be active, streaming video sites and other communication applications should not be open, this is true for both the PC and the smartphone (because internet speed can also be measured by mobile phones, to control the mobile network).

internet connection speed
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In addition, you must disconnect from your internet any smartphone or other PC connected to WiFi, or at least be certain that they are not downloading data.

On a smartphone or any other mobile data connection, just make sure the device is not downloading or loading background data.

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Furthermore, the measurement must be done more than once, preferably at different times during the day and on different days.

This is because the speed of internet connection is faster at night, when everyone is asleep and slower in the evening when neighbors are using the internet to download or watch movies or faster than Sunday if they measure in a neighborhood with many offices.

On a smartphone or any other device that connects to a 3G or 4G network, speed depends on how many people around you are using it and the signal quality in your area.

The standard and most reliable way to check the connection speed is still, after years,, which can be used by computers, by connecting to the site and by pressing the test button, or even by Android and iPhone smartphones using the Speedtest mobile applications.

The test can also be done using the new beta tool, now in beta, on the site, which does not use the Flash plugin.

Speedtest is very quick in its measurement and is easy to understand even for those who are not expert.

– Upload speed means how quickly our connection charges and sends data to the reference server.

– Download speed means how fast the connection is to download data from the internet.

Both of these measurements are expressed in Mbps or Megabits per second.

– Ping means how long it takes to connect to the server that is to load and download a data pack that goes and goes back.

This is measured in milliseconds; the more there are few, the more the connection is responsive.

Can also use other tools to verify connection speeds including …, Netflix, which measures the maximum download speed and upload.

SpeedOf.Me, with a modern HTML5 site, which shows the speed of connection through a series of download and upload speed charts.

TestMy.Net, to make an automatic and periodic test every X hour or minute, and have an average speed throughout the day.

SourceForge speed Test, also this in HTML5.

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