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These are the cheap destinations to travel in each month of the year

Around the keys to a cheap destinations in spectacular places there are certain topics that cause debates between travelers and lovers of tourism. Is Tuesday the best day of the week to book flights but on Wednesday the best day to fly? Is June the cheapest month and August or Christmas are totally prohibited?

According to the data of a recent study prepared by the popular accommodation website, it is possible to save up to 56% in hotels and travel choosing the month of the year and the destination well. We want to help you! And that’s why in the following list you can find the cheap destinations according to the twelve months of the year to stay in a four-star hotel.

Remember that both thanks to Booking and other popular search engines and comparators of tourist offers and accommodation. It is possible to have the same transport services, hotels or restaurants at cheaper prices thanks to offers and discounts.

If you consider yourself an intrepid traveler and are looking for new cheap destinations to fly to.

Cheap destinations to travel in the world

best cheap destinations

January (Melbourne)

In January, the idyllic destination is the Australian Melbourne, the most outstanding city of this continent to enjoy sport and culture.

If the average price per room in Melbourne is usually at 136 euros in high season, in January   the prices drop to 102 dollars per night.

February (Hong Kong)

The second month of the year is fantastic to visit Hong Kong if you want to stay also in a good accommodation. At this time the average price per night and room in a four-star hotel  drops to 113 dollars per night.

Another advantage when visiting this Asian metropolis is enjoying the sales season for shopping lovers, enjoying great discounts.

March (Buenos Aires)

You can fall in love with Buenos Aires airs by spending only 49.81 dollar a night on average. In March, Buenos Aires has mild temperatures and the usual cultural offer, rich during the twelve months of the year.

Roasts, tango, poetry, picturesque neighborhoods endowed with magic and decadence , the famous obelisk, San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo … the list of wonders is almost infinite!

April (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen is your destination to go in April, since from the following month until October we attended the high season in the Danish city. Traveling in April implies a decrease in hotel prices of up to 38% per room.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe and one of the references in terms of modern design and architecture. Some of its most prominent references are the old town, the famous Little Mermaid or Rosenborg Castle, among many other treasures.

May (London)

Even after the phenomenon of Brexit, an ideal destination for this beautiful month of spring, and warmer and more florid, is London.

The average price per room and night in a four-star hotel is 196 euros. A great opportunity to admire Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum or Westminster Abbey.

June (Beijing)

June is a great month to fly to Beijing: good temperatures and absence of national holidays, which translates into lower tourist influx and a drop in the price of four-star hotels, whose price drops  to below 72 dollars night.

If you want to see the tombs of the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall of China, the Palace of Heaven or the mausoleum of Mao Zedong , the beginning of summer is the ideal time.

July (Sidney)

Sydney is a fantastic destination for the equator of summer, as well as a way to escape the extreme heat of other areas.

You can enjoy hotels 44% cheaper than in high season, and enjoy wonders such as the spectacular Sydney Bay or the Opera.

August (Berlin)

From Booking they recommend visiting the German capital in the month in which good hotels are cheaper compared to the rest of the year.

For just 90 dollars a night in a four-star hotel, you’ll have the chance to see the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate or the cathedral, as well as enjoy its charming neighborhoods and subversive culture.

September (Rome)

Rome, the Eternal City is a flat, and it will be cheap destinations in September . After the tourist madness of the summer, less tourists begin to be seen and therefore, you can go to the Italian capital  spending 119 dollars a night for sleeping in a four-star hotel.

What about all the art that you can contemplate? Memorable vestiges of Greco-Roman culture such as the  Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Sistine Chapel, the Ara Pacis, the Arch of Constantine or the Trajan’s column , among other wonders.

October (Cape Town)

Why not  take a plane to Africa and immerse yourself in the wonderful Cape Town ? You have the opportunity to do it for 72 dollars a night.

Its landscapes are spectacular, highlighting especially the Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, the Cape of Hope or Robben Island.

November (Rio de Janeiro)

Brazil is synonymous with strength, joy, charisma, fight and samba. And among its cities, Rio de Janeiro is its cultural banner.

In November, hotel prices are 37% cheap destinations than in December, the month in which the high season begins. If you’re looking forward to having a cocktail on the Copacabana beach, seeing the Christ the Redeemer, stepping on the Maracana stadium or photographing Ipanema, November is your month.

December (Frankfurt)

Frankfurt is a dream city during the first fortnight of December, totally magical to fill the German city of p inresco Christmas markets and discounts of up to 56% in their hotels.

The average price per night in a four-star hotel goes down to 101 dollars a night, an attraction added to its churches and its beautiful avant-garde architecture.

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