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Do Carpet Protectors Work?

Carpet cleaning is something you need to do every year or two. Keeping the carpet looking, smelling, and feeling its best between those professional deep cleanings can be a real challenge. This is especially true in homes with large families, small children, and pets.

But any home or business with high levels of foot traffic must take precautions to ward off the effects of steady use. These can be found not just in the multitude of shoes and feet walking over the carpet but also in those spills, messes, and accidents that are ready to occur at a moment’s notice.

Act Fast

Whether your pet is using the carpet as a bathroom or you knock over that glass of red wine by mistake, when any liquid reaches the surface of the fibers, you need to act fast so as to avoid any stains or odors from setting in.

The longer you allow any liquid or substance to sit on your carpet’s surface, the more likely it will linger in some form or another and damage the floor covering material It can happen in the form of a stubborn stain that won’t come out or a strong smell that won’t disappear.

Sometimes you can’t attend to these messes in an instant and that can put your expensive carpeting at risk for potential damage.

But you have an ally on your side in the form of carpet protectors. These are useful additives that are applied to the surface of the carpeting to form a protective barrier of sorts, making it harder for those potentially harmful messes to soak in and ruin the fibers.

The Decision to Apply Carpet Protectant

It’s pretty simple really, wouldn’t you want something keeping your carpet safe from harm? The next time your child drops his or her bowl of cereal on the carpet, you’re going to have quite a mess on your hands. But with a carpet protectant, all that milk will stay on the surface of the fibers just a little longer than they normally would.

The protector slows down the rate of absorption and the fibers don’t soak in as much of the milk upon first contact. That buys you some time to get a clean cloth or towel, blot the mess so the milk is absorbed into the cloth or towel and not the carpeting.

Now don’t expect your carpet protectant to do all of the work for you. If you leave that grape juice on the carpet long enough, it will sink in and stain your fibers and backing material. A carpet protector is a great way to protect both those things for the short term, until you can pick up what’s been dropped.

Another thing to consider when applying carpet protectors is that most carpets come installed with some type of protection already. Older carpets may need to have the protector reapplied after about three or four years of use as the original manufacturer’s protectant may start to wear off.

If this is work you would like to get done on your carpet, you can hire any of the carpet cleaning services in bothell wa to apply the protectant for you.


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