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So you can improve your diet to add years of life

It is clear that a diet of better nutritional quality and balanced, without excess, can benefit our health helping us to live more and better. But a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine is the first to show that improving your diet can add years of life and for this, we show you some ways to enjoy this benefit.

Small changes, great results

Research is the first to link quality of diet with risk of death, and evaluated over 12 years to more than 70,000 people, therefore, their results are relevant.

It was observed that small dietary modifications that improve the quality of the same can cause a reduction of up to 17% in the risk of death, which indicates that it is time to put aside the calories and look a little more where they come from the same.

The quality of the diet was evaluated with three different indices and it was detected that people who carried a healthier diet during the 12 years of follow-up had a 14% lower mortality rate, but introduced small changes to improve the quality of the diet And sustaining them over time can be of great help in reducing the risk of death from different diseases and thus adding years of life.

They do not serve great modifications like to adopt a miracle diet because these types of changes can not be sustained in the time given the great restriction that they impose, and for that reason, they do not produce equal benefits that the small modifications that are sustainable in the long term.

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So you can improve your diet and add years of life

Depending on the habits of each person, some changes will be more difficult than others, therefore, we recommend adopting from one change at a time and starting with those that we know we can sustain over time, as this study has shown, the important thing is Preserve them in the long term.

Some ideas to improve the quality of your diet and add years of life are …

  • Change processed meats for fresh meats: We will try to reduce packaged hamburgers, cold meats, sausages and even surimi and in their replacement, we will use fresh lean meats both red and white, but better still if we choose fish.
  • Replace refined with whole grains: The differences between whole and refined are not few and therefore, changing refined flours and products containing whole grains can be of great help to improve the quality of the diet and benefit health for the ultimate purpose To add years of life.
  • Add nuts and legumes: We can use these foods instead of processed meats or refined cereals. The author of the study suggests replacing one serving of processed meat a day with these foods with the goal of raising the quality of the diet by 20% and thus reduce the risk of death by 8 to 17%.
  • Add a vegetable and a fruit to each meal: To ensure a good consumption of fruits and vegetables daily and thus, enjoy the valuable nutrients and great benefits that these foods can offer it is advisable to incorporate them at each meal and whenever possible, fresh And with skin.
  • Change a processed food for a fresh or whole version: For example, we can change a breakfast cereal that we usually use for flaky oats or quinoa, it is a great option to reduce added sugars and add good nutrients to the diet.
  • Replace fruit juices with a piece of fresh fruit: It is a very easy to carry out alternative that adds fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and above all, satiates helping to control quantity beyond the quality of the diet.

These and other small changes can help you improve the quality of the diet to add years of life and above all, to take care of health and be in shape with the help of a balanced diet.

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