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best travel destinations

Top best travel destinations for each month 2019

Best travel destinations– Many of you will already be looking at the calendar next year looking for holidays and weekends you can go on a trip. When to place the holidays.And above all, thinking what places to visit in that year that we have so close. We’ll leave here twelve best travel destinations 2019. One for each month looking for a place chosen the most propitious moment for one or another reason to visit.

Best travel destinations 2019

best travel destinations

We will take you to travel the world with our recommendations to best travel destinations 2019. Destination beach, cultural or nature. For all tastes and among those who surely find some good that convinces you to pack.

January – Lapland

best travel destinations

Can not you imagine Lapland a world between the white of snow and the green of the northern lights? To be able to contemplate both colors in one of the most magical places on Earth, it is a good idea to travel in January to this place in northern Europe.

There are many activities in Lapland that we can do if we travel there. Routes on snowmobiles or sleds pulled by huskys. Visit Santa Claus. Sleep in an ice hotel like the Snow Hotel. Or wait under the immense sky for the visit of that dawn that everyone wants to hunt with his camera.

If you are not afraid of the cold and you like nature in its purest state, this can undoubtedly be one of your best travel destinations 2019.

February – Venice

top best travel destinations

Venice is a perfect destination at any time of the year. However for many it may be the ideal best travel destinations 2019 and celebrate there on Valentine’s Day . There is no doubt that this Italian city, with its canals and palaces, is for many the most romantic city in Europe. There are many hotels for a romantic getaway in the city Casanova that will delight more than one couple.

On the other hand, Carnival is celebrated in February . And if there is a place where this party is elegant and unique, it is undoubtedly Venice . Strolling through the city seeing people dressed in period costumes and beautiful masks make you feel that you are back in time centuries ago. At that time when the sound of vaporettos was not heard and Venice had not yet become the tourist city that it is today.

March – Riviera Maya

discover best travel destinations

Those that the winter is becoming very long will find on the beaches of the Caribbean a perfect best travel destinations 2019 in the spring and so endure until the arrival of our summer.

Among all the beaches that bathe that turquoise sea we recommend those of the Riviera Maya. There one can stay in a luxury resort to enjoy sunny days in the shade of the palm trees that grow in the white sand of the Mexican beaches of the Caribbean. But not only that. In this part of Mexico there are ancient Mayan cities, some colonial city and natural parks. All perfect places for a round trip in the day. Nothing to do and unpack to go from hotel to hotel. Tempting, right?

April – Rome

best travel destinations for each month

This year Holy Week is celebrated in April. And although during that period Rome becomes the center of Christianity and its streets are filled with tourists, there is no doubt that being in those days in the capital of Italy offers the possibility of seeing the city in a different way.

Whether or not a believer a holiday in Rome can be perfect in April. The days are longer, you still do not have to suffer that summer heat that usually ravages the city. And the events that take place during Holy Week are in themselves a reason for many to decide to go to the Eternal City on those days.

May – Canary Islands

best travel destinations 2019

No one doubts that the Canary Islands are a perfect destination at any time of the year . Any of its islands can be a great choice to best travel destinations 2019. The reason for choosing them to visit them in May is that the high season ends. Winter is the time when the beaches of these islands are filled with tourists from northern Europe fleeing the cold of their countries. But with the arrival of May they return to their homes just like the birds with the arrival of spring.

The Canaries are not just the beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura, the tropical landscapes of La Palma or Teide. You have to take note of places like La Laguna, the most beautiful city of Tenerife. From the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote or from the attractive towns to see in Gran Canaria . A perfect way to enjoy the Canaries is without a doubt to combine the visit to these places with the relaxation by the sea.

June – Peru

the best travel destinations 2019

We are going to change the continent and we go to the country of the Incas. Peru. A country with many attractions. Among the best tourist places of Peru is without any doubt Machu Picchu . Whoever decides to visit that ancient Inca city should not forget to visit other places linked to that culture and that are also in the Sacred Valley. Cuzco, Pisac or Chinchero are perfect to organize a route through this part of the country.

Nor should we forget the country’s capital. Neither the Amazon jungle or the Pacific beaches. Those who do not fear altitude sickness will find a special place in Puno and Lake Titicaca. And for those who like to visit colonial cities, Arequipa, the white city of Peru , is a must.

July – Germany

top best travel destinations 2019

One of the most attractive countries in Central Europe is Germany. A perfect best travel destinations and maybe do a road trip. In its territory there are places for all tastes . Nature, medieval cities, museums that hold works of great value, … In addition, their beer and gastronomy are also important claims for those who visit this country.

There are many  impressive places in Germany . Bremen, Heidleberg, Freiburg or Munich are just some of the most beautiful cities in the country. And if we talk about nature, how about the Black Forest or the valleys of the Moselle or Rhine rivers?

August – Indonesia

discover best travel destinations 2019

If we say Indonesia many will think of Bali. But this archipelago of Asia is much more than that attractive and tourist island. Formed by more than 17,000 islands, there are so many options for those who plan to best travel destinations 2019 to Indonesia that without a doubt you have to learn a lot about this destination.

Beaches, volcanoes, ethnic groups, sports, religion, … Although Bali is as we said the best known island in the country, there are other Komodo with their famous dragons ; Sulawesi with the Tana Toraja and its unique rites or the island of Java , with some of the most impressive temples in Asia. Indonesia is a destination to keep in mind and remember that the best time to visit it coincides with our spring / summer.

September – Bulgaria

a best travel destinations 2019

What’s in Bulgaria? You can ask this before this proposal to best travel destinations. To summarize we will tell you that there are beaches in the Black Sea, orthodox monasteries such as Rila that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, unique landscapes such as those around Melnik, to the south from the country. And of course cities with a lot of history, museums and beautiful buildings.

Among those cities stand out Plovdiv, the Bulgarian of the seven hills that in 2019 is one of the Cultural Capitals of Europe . Veliko Tarnovo and its medieval fortress. And of course the country’s capital, Sofia and its impressive Orthodox church of Alexander Nevsky. It is worth including this country among the destinations of 2019. It is not yet a very touristy place and its low prices make it an economic destination at the same time attractive.

October – Morocco

 the best travel destinations

A close destination, economic and exotic. Few resist the medieval medinas of their imperial cities, their souks, their mint tea or those kasbhas, true architectural wonders in the middle of the desert.

From Spain we can arrive by air to several of its most important cities and also by sea from different ports in the south of our country. Once in Moroccan territory there are many options to enjoy if we choose October to visit the country. The weather is still warm and invites you to spend a few days by the sea in Agadir. It is not so hot as to have to avoid the desert. Shopping, gastronomy and culture are part of the offer in the cities of Morocco. And at bedtime, nothing better than choosing to stay in a raid.

November – Southeast Asia

the best travel destinations for each month

We continue with exotic destinations, but something more distant. Our proposal to best travel destinations 2019 when arriving in November in Asia. In particular the so-called Southeast Asia. There are some of the countries with the greatest natural and architectural wealth in the world. From Myanmar to Cambodia without forgetting Thailand are perfect destinations for a great trip.

After the rains of the summer months, comes the calm to be part of the world. The skies are blue and it is the perfect time to walk around Bangkok or enjoy the beautiful beaches of Malaysia. The temples of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are also a great tourist attraction, just like everything there is to see in Singapore. A modern and always attractive city, perfect for shopping, eating in all kinds of restaurants and knowing its temples, neighborhoods and parks.

December – Loire Valley

The best travel destinations 2019

Making a route through the Loire Valley may be linked by many to spring and summer, perfect time to see the gardens of the castles that surround this river covered with flowers. What few know is that when December arrives, the Castles of Loire dress up to celebrate Christmas .

It is in the weeks leading up to Christmas when these impressive and beautiful castles are decorated to receive the few visitors who dare to visit them. Chimneys lit, tables prepared as if someone were going to dine in them, large Christmas trees and lights illuminating the gardens are just some of the decorations you’ll find in the castles of Chambord, Cheverny or Chanonceau who are encouraged to travel to this French region on last month of 2019.

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