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bathroom clean

How to keep the bathroom clean: 6 simple rules

The bathroom clean should be a source of relaxation and a place of purity and not a headache in trying to cope with the mess and mud. With simple 6 rules, you can make cleaning quick and easy.

Bathroom clean: Think about the organization of storagebathroom clean

It does not matter, there is talk about voluminous fluffy towels or miniature hair investors, – for each item stored in the bathroom, there must be a place. A lot of specialized or self-made organizers (boxes, boxes with compartments and other household items) will be excellent assistance in this. Also, try to strictly follow the rule – to return the thing to the place after use, and to instill it in the household. Read more: The Advantages of a Cold Room

Bathroom clean: Minimalismbathroom clean

To make the bathroom look clean and tidy, it is better to hide additional cans from cosmetic products in closets and to keep the means of regular use in beautiful decorative soap dishes. Get out before bathing the tool you need and put it back after – it will not be very difficult, but it will look much neater. Read more: How Roses can help you Keep Tea Time Posh and Healthy

Bathroom clean: Quick responsebathroom clean

It is easiest to get rid of streaks and salt stains, not allowing them. Immediately wipe off with a soft dry rag after splashing or bathing and hang dry – then during cleaning, you will not need to spend much time and money to get rid of unpleasant stains.

Bathroom clean: Anti-moldbathroom clean

To prevent the appearance of mold, allow for sufficient ventilation of the room. Do not tighten the bathroom door after taking a bath or shower. On the contrary, leave the door open so that the damp and warm air can escape. In addition, it is recommended to install a fan that will provide forced ventilation in the room.

Bathroom clean: Proper time distribution

To spend less time cleaning, correctly prioritize the washing of individual areas of the bathroom. Old stains in the bathroom and the toilet should be immediately treated with the product at the very beginning of cleaning and left for a while so that the product acted. At this time, you can clean up those areas that are less polluted, and at the end – return to the first.

Bathroom clean: Come to the kitchenbathroom clean

To ensure cleanliness in the bathroom, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive specialized products. Sometimes you just need to take from the kitchen the usual soda (as an abrasive), vinegar (as an agent against limescale), glycerin (as a means of fogging the glass).

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