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baby's first words

Baby’s first words: factors that influence

There are several factors that influence the acquisition of language by children. The baby’s first words are related to his ability to identify sounds and repeat them.

During the development of the baby, the mother is doing an exhaustive accompaniment. He is guiding his steps and correcting it little by little, waiting for him to utter his first words. In this stage, your brain in this stage is a sponge that is absorbing and processing everything that happens around it.

The child will be interacting little by little with his family nucleus and will be communicating through the emission of the first words. These will be contextualized and acquire meaning for both him and the mother.

The perception of sounds and the Baby’s first words

The baby's first words

However, from the womb, they have the ability to perceive sounds. This will allow them to repeat words later. Read more: 5 Important Principles for the Development of the Child’s Brain

It is important to conduct tests at home that identify the ability of babies to identify sounds and react to them. If the mother notices that the baby is immune to loud noises or sounds, it is necessary to go to the specialist. This will be the one who can evaluate the auditory state of the child.

Objects in the environment

best baby's first words

It is very common for the baby to start pointing objects with his fingers and to babble what may be hints of words. At that time the parents are the ones who must indicate the name of the object. As in many other aspects, for the baby to acquire language there must be a process of socialization, that is, the child must constantly listen to the people around him. Read more: Unilever Links With National Park Association For Kids’ Education

The moment the baby starts to pronounce his first words is not determined exactly. Some children tend to begin to pronounce words more precociously than others. In addition, girls usually do it before children do.

The moment of crying

top baby's first words

It is necessary to pay attention to the child’s crying and the sounds it may emit. This will determine that there are no problems with the vocal cords or hearing problems.

It is well known that the ideal of every mother is to listen to her son’s first words. Most of the time, what they do is repeat what they tell them daily. However, it is the same reactions on the parents’ faces that cause these words to recur frequently. Babies pay attention to facial expressions and tend to repeat words that stimulate gestures.

There is no precise study that can say what the baby’s first words are. Nor what is the real meaning of each of these words. But the truth is that they often learn to express themselves with the words that are commonly used in their home. Above all, by their parents and the people around them.

It is very common to observe in babies the use of words that are used repeatedly by people who work in domestic chores. In addition, words that for one family may mean nothing, for another they are clear expressions of affection.

Stimulating the child’s language

the baby's first words


As we see, many of the baby’s first words have a lot to do with their gestures. It is easy to understand this idea with the words “hello” or “goodbye”. These terms are expressions of greeting or farewell and are usually accompanied by hand gestures. This combination is very easy to assimilate for the baby, who is beginning to pronounce his first words.

There is a direct relationship between the baby’s acquisition of new words and his need to communicate with those around him. In many studies, the early learning of the word “mine” clearly appears. Especially in the case of children who have siblings living with them.

Once the baby learns the first words, then it will evolve very quickly. Soon you will be able to repeat more than 50 words. When one and a half years pass, the isolated words come together and begin to form sentences.

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