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7 areas to consider when evolving your tax practice

Tax issues are a little complicated. The following 7 areas must be considered during tax practice.

Guidance about legislation and evolving:

CPAs should provide complete guidance about new legislation and evolving policies. Read the updated rules and answer questions arising in the minds of your clients. The firms should ask for a summary of their tax consultant.

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Remote working:

The firms should be ready for remote working before the tax period starts. If it is not so, the firm should check which processes can be remote. It should also formulate a client portal to share information securely.

Billing policies:

Billing policies should be revised to include the following things during tax season.

Accept credit cards and allow payment through the bank.

Firm and clients should be aided by a subscription-based model.

Make an instalment system for engaging the clients.

Management of remote employees:

As we are facing pandemic situations and social distancing is necessary for safety, the employees should be allowed to work from home. Consider the safety of clients and employees as well. For more information on Accountants Chippenham, visit

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Reopening of offices:

The outbreak of COVID-19 has closed many institutions. However, now you make plans for reopening of offices if necessary, with suitable pre-planned safety measures.

Advising services:

Small businesses need CPAs more than all others during tax sessions. Try to provide sufficient services regarding advice and solutions to small enterprises.

Strategic planning:

Worked all year and still a lot of work is to be done? This can be a panic but you can formulate strategies to eliminate this tiring situation.


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