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Why you’ve got to love UGC

UGC is User Generated Content. In other words, it is content created by a brand’s customers that promotes the brand across a variety of platforms. Traditional marketing and advertising professionals would clutch their heads in horror at the very idea. How can you control it? Won’t it look amateurish?

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One reason to bother – one very good reason – is that friends and family are still the most trusted source of recommendations when consumers consider a product. User Generated Content taps directly into that sense of trust. If the people in the campaign are perceived as being “real”, the campaign is viewed as trustworthy. The product is valued by “people like us”, and that kind of word-of-mouth marketing on the scale the internet can provide is incredibly valuable. For more information about UGC, read this article:

Users aren’t amateurs

Today’s UGC can look highly professional. Lots of people have access to high-quality production equipment and have plenty of experience creating digital content for all kinds of platforms. Today’s marketers still have to find the best way to attract and utilise this content, but people can – and do – make excellent content all by themselves.

A range of possibilities

Probably the most common UGC is the humble review. People read reviews, and people take notice of them. There are far more imaginative ways to employ UGC, however. An SEO Gloucester agency like digitel are great at making creative content making and others are always trying new ideas. UGC offers all kinds of opportunities, as Forbes points out.

Share, share, share

Social media is an unavoidable presence these days. The Honest Company uses it to spread the word about their products from their users. If somebody tweets a photo with a mention of the company or tweets a photo directly to the company, the company will retweet with a suitable hashtag. They get great publicity, fans of the company get retweets and favourites – everybody wins. The Honest Company employs a similar approach on Instagram but chooses different photos due to the “artier” nature of the site.

Mercedes took this idea even further. They asked fans of the brand to enter a #NeverStopChallenging photo competition. Photos that reflected the brand’s aspirational image were retweeted. Photographers got great exposure due to Mercedes’ millions of followers, while Mercedes boosted its image as an exciting, aspirational brand.

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