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When Computers go wrong it’s not their fault.

Should we live in fear of computers? There is a growing worry that with Artificial Intelligence, logarithms and algorithms running so much and deciding so much in our lives that maybe the digital computerised world is having too great a control. The attitude is that it’s only going to get more as computers do the thinking for us or, at least, they do the boring jobs we can’t be bothered to do. One thing that you can control about a computer is if you use a Web Design Yorkshire company like they will produce some great media for you so you don’t have to worry about it. go to if you are looking for website support. Ever since there conception we have made several films about computers getting certain ideas about what our role in the world should be outside of what we’ve programed them to do. They start to think for themselves and become sentient. Generally, it’s not been a positive thing to happen.

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One of the first was the 1957 film Desk Set. Office workers were becoming used to the idea that a computer was going to replace them, even if back then they were the size of several cupboards or even an entire room and could only manage basic admin and calculation. It was a worry and Desk Set, although being a ROM-COM, played on it especially when the computer decides to fire everyone confirming their fears. However, this is the inventors fault not the computers.

This anxiety was picked up on by Jean Luc Godard in the 1965 Alphaville. It’s one of the first films to actively see computers and technology as bad rather than the more modernist view of it all making our lives easier. A future city is run by a computer dictator that bans human emotion and everyone is living a pretty autonomous and boring life. Again, someone had to build it first a got it wrong.

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One of the most famous examples is in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Here HAL the ships computer misunderstands an order and decides its better off killing the crew. With the Cold War at its height in 1983 there was WarGames. The WOPR military system gets hacked into by college kids. WOPR is happily trying to figure out the best way to win World War three and it wants to play Chess but the Kids want to play Nuclear War as Russia. WOPR sets about interpreting the fake strikes as real ones and decides to reply in kind.

The worst outcome has to be the Terminator films. The Skynet system, which is used to run everything becomes self-aware and reaches the conclusion that human beings are a complete waste of time and should be got read of immediately. So, basically a more radical version of Desk Set then.

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