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What’s involved when you put up a TV aerial.

Look up at roofs and the sides of houses and you will see something that is very important to people festooned round the roof tops. It is, of course, the humble Television aerial. Without these slightly fragile looking thin bits of metal we would be without all our favourite programmes. It was worse when it just analogue waves beamed out by strategically placed transmitters at least the world of digital tv has made things a little bit clearer. What’s involved with putting up an aerial? It doesn’t matter where you are in the country if you’re in Coventry or Cardiff, Birmingham or Bath TV aerial installation by a company such as is an important part of your house. Let’s see how the experts put one up.

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Let’s be clear its not a good idea to put one up yourself especially if you need to put it on the roof. Working from height is not a great idea and the professional will be fully serviced with a cherry picker and harness to keep them safe when they are up there. Not only that if you get a professional team in then you can be sure that a long-lasting job will be done as the last thing that you want is for the aerial to be needing a fix every few years.

The professionals will look at the house and start to make an assessment of to where the aerial will go. The degree of signal you get is very dependant as to where you place it. The best place and the most obvious choice is the rooftop. If the team can get your aerial up there, then they will. This should give the aerial uninterrupted reception as there shouldn’t be anything in the way to disrupt the signal. If that is not an option, and that can be the case if the building is listed or the covenants of ownership state that you cannot have one up then the next best thing is the loft. Loft are pretty acceptable in terms of reception and the added bonus is that one will see it. It also makes a life a lot easier for the team as they can install a loft unit a lot easier than having to get the harness, ladders and cherry pickers out. The other advantage is it costs a lot less money to get a loft one put in. It’s also less likely to be damaged by the elements.

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However, if it is on the roof it won’t pick up on electrical signals and received any interference. The modern aerial is a much stronger prospect and the team will make sure it is connected solidly obviously. Whatever you decide a good aerial will give you hours of happy television viewing without the worry of the thing coming down.

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