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What is the history of Drupal?

Drupal is an open source website building platform that allows developers to create superior digital experiences.

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The beginnings of Drupal

In 2000 Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder, two students at the University of Antwerp, found themselves in need of a reliable internet connection. As permanent internet connections were uncommon for students in Antwerp at the time, Hans and Dries decided to share Hans’s modem connection with eight fellow students by creating a wireless bridge between their rooms. Their idea was successful but they soon realised they would also benefit from somewhere online they could converse with each other.

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Dries created a small news website which included a web board where he and his fellow students could share news and have conversations. Together they had developed a tiny content framework that would eventually develop into something much larger.

The origins of the name

When Dries graduated from university he and his friends wanted an easy way to stay in touch. This prompted them to put their internal site online and when searching for their ideal domain name, they decided on ‘’, ‘dorp’ being the Dutch word for ‘village’. When Dries was checking the domain’s availability, he accidentally entered ‘’. The name stuck and soon after going live, its audience began to change.

New members began discussing new web technologies including syndication and moderation. Soon ‘’ developed into an environment for experimentation. Driven by conversations and the seamless exchange of ideas, it wasn’t long before these innovative concepts became features and methods within the software of

In January 2001, Dries released the software to allow other users to increase the scope of the platform and benefit from the opportunity to explore new avenues for web development. The software was named ‘Drupal’ pronounced ‘droo-puhl’, which is derived from the English pronunciation of ‘Druppel’, the Dutch word for ‘drop.’

The potential of Drupal

Drupal is currently the world’s leading open-source content management system (CMS). Experienced teams within a specialist Drupal design agency, such as the one that can be found here, have the skills required to help their clients reach audiences across multiple channels.

Drupal assists in the development of unique digital solutions that surpass the homogenous experiences of template-driven design. As standing out from the crowd for the right reasons is becoming increasingly important in competitive marketplaces, Drupal has an exciting future.

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