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What Are ‘Green’ Parts?

The term ‘green parts’ is used in industry to describe the sourcing of used parts from original manufacturers to prevent the environmental cost of manufacturing new ones. ‘Green parts’ is a term that refers to the process of recycling undamaged or reusable parts that are removed from end of life vehicles, plant and equipment and re-used for new customers.

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As green parts were specifically designed for the vehicle or piece of equipment in question, they are classified as being ‘original equipment’. They would have been originally provided by dedicated parts manufacturers called OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) such as Bosch, Hella, or Briggs and Stratton. Green parts have been designed and manufactured to a precise specification and, as such, are of high quality and offer good reliability.

There are several benefits of using green parts, including:

Lower Cost

Prices can be up to 90% cheaper when buying green car parts rather than buying brand new parts directly from the manufacturer. With the average car owner, for example, having to spend £30,287 in spare car parts over their lifetime, green parts put significantly less pressure on your wallet.


Vehicles, plant and equipment are typically built in bulk, so large numbers of useful parts are always available. If, for example, you’re looking specific Briggs and Stratton parts for gardening plant, older models will always be a potential source of those parts. In fact, second-hand parts are often easier to find, as brand new spare parts are not always made in such high numbers.

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Environmental Impact

Buying a green part prevents the need for a new part to be manufactured, meaning that the carbon and resource cost for making a whole brand new part can be avoided. You may sometimes need new Briggs and Stratton parts, for example, but a huge number of people are working to save 80 million barrels of oil per year in manufacturing and transport processes by buying green.

Customers may have initial reservations about buying green parts, worrying about suspect traders or the origins of the part they are buying. Green parts, however, are subject to strict inspections and the highest of quality standards. The Vehicle Recyclers’ Association, for example, ensures product quality, making green parts a smart, safe, and sensible investment. Professional membership of this type indicates a good reputation and high standards.

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