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Well I never. Strange things found in a Skip.

There are times in our lives when we might need a skip. It’s a sad fact that we do but when faced with a load of rubbish from garden refuse or a garage clearance then the use of a skip is going to be required. When you do then a Skip Hire Swansea based firm like  might be the answer. Its wise to be careful what you throw away. If we have a look at these strange chuck outs, then you have to wonder what was going on in the minds of the people who did it.

  1. Military Hardware. A skip hire firm in Cornwall found two World War two artillery shells left in one of their skips. They called in the army bomb disposal unit who confirmed that, yes, they were live and, yes if they did go off there would be a very loud bang made worse by the fact that the skip was next to a petrol station. The Army came in and detonated the shells in a nearby quarry. No live ordnance please.

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  1. Long lost Movies. Two innocuous looking film cannisters where sat in a skip when the site manager out of curiosity decided to see what was inside. As incredible luck would have it the cannisters contained the reels of two films made by the Comedian Peter Sellers that had been thought to be lost forever.

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  1. A whole Caravan. “Dear, we need to get rid of the Caravan, but I can’t think of anyway to have it taken away and we can’t get it down to the scrap yard”, “Don’t worry dear, I have the solution…”, is probably how the conversation might have gone. The skip hire firm were surprised to find the entire caravan simply dumped onto the skip with the expectation that they were going to happily accept this and take it away. It must have taken more work to get the caravan into the skip than it would to have it taken to the scrapyard.
  2. An empty coffin. I suppose the person didn’t have any need for it. Yet. There was relief all round when they found out the coffin was empty as if it had had someone in it that would have caused a bit of an admin issue. Perhaps the owner thought they might need an upgrade?
  3. Nothing but onions. That’s right the entire skip, to the very brim you realise, was full of onions. What on earth was going on in the house that they were able to completely fill a standard skip with nothing but onions? Do they love onions? Do they hate onions? Did they have a garden that could grow nothing but onions? So many questions and no answers.

Try to avoid any of these things when you order one. Please.

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