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Ways you can help improve your team working

Getting your team to work closely together an in an effective way can be a difficult task for any manager but is incredibly important to successful working. There are some formal ways that you can help to develop team working and to improve leadership skills in being able to deal with any potential issues that may arise and these include courses such as those provided by Scrum Master Training Dublin company As well as gaining some skills and knowledge of how best to move forwards with team working there are some fun, quick things that you can do to help bond your team together.

Here are a couple of ideas.

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Game show style fun

There are many gameshow formats that you can recreate in the office environment and they can be used to help impart knowledge to staff members and also to create a closer working relationship between staff members. These include ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’, ‘Family Fortunes’ and perhaps even reward-based games such as ‘Deal or No Deal’ which you play on a regular basis allowing staff members to pick a box that perhaps has a suitable reward for hard work during the given timeframe.

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Off-site get together

Sometimes getting away from your office environment is one of the best ways to allow your staff members to relax and to enable a creative discussion to flow. These off-site visits can be brainstorm new ideas and ways of working or perhaps to share knowledge when there has been a change in legislation or working practice in your given business sector. If you have a staff training or event budget you could have catering included for your team building and if not you could suggest that everyone brings in a dish to have a sharing lunch – this again helps to create a sense of team bonding rather than everyone bringing their own lunch and then separating again during the lunch time break. These sessions can be great to hold at regular times of the year such as at the beginning of your project year or business year to help set team and individual goals for the forthcoming year and also perhaps half way through the year in order to help motivate staff when they have reached a natural lull point.

There are many more things that you can do to help with team building and a quick internet search will help you find activities that are suitable for your team and business sector.

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