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If you want to keep on top of all the latest innovations and news in the event industry, then you’ll want to know the best blogs to read. Whether you’re an organiser or an attendee, you can get the most out of your event, meeting or conference experiences by staying in tune with informative and inspiring ideas from the world of event management. Here are some you don’t want to miss:


If it’s originality and creativity you seek, then the Bizbash blogs won’t disappoint. Here you’ll learn what’s trending in the industry right now and any news ideas and technologies that event experts are revealing.

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Event Manager Blog

The clue is name, anything and everything to do with event management can be found here. It is the event industry bible of blogs, containing info like software reviews and how to use social media. Written with humour, these posts are not to be missed. For help organising your event, contact Events Agency Dublin,

Event Tech Brief

With a great focus on event planning software, this blog is ideal for those who want a techier take on the events industry. Read their blog learning about what’s new in conference technology, in particular.

Velvet Chainsaw

Regular posts and a fresh perspective make this a seriously good read for those looking for innovation and different perspectives on the industry. With posts on all kinds of event planning, make this one of your top must-read blogs of the year.

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Conferences That Work

If you want to focus on conferences and making them work, this is the blog for you. An event expert writer gives tips and advice on all things related to effective conferencing for both first-timers and seasoned pros.

Smart Meetings

This blog covers everything you might be looking for when holding meetings. Whether you need tips on hiring a speaker, searching for a venue or just want to catch up on industry news, these clever clogs will have it in their blogs.

Event Industry News

Yes, you’ve guessed it. This is the go-to blog for anything and everything to do with the event industry. If you can imagine it, they’ve written a blog on it. Definitely the place to visit for staying in the loop.

Meeting Pool

Dive right in to this wealth of info, from social media to event planning technology and everything in between. You’ll find helpful content from two highly experienced event pros.


This blog often tops the score board for the most useful and informative resource for those involved in event planning. We multiple weekly content updates, they aim to stay cutting-edge when it comes to trending topics and expert advice. You’ll also find lots of information about their event planning software.


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