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When they’ve reached the big six oh. Some tips.

One of the biggest birthday dates is 60. It’s time to hire a hall or get the Lloyd Loom Dining Chairs like the ones you got from from the conservatory and pressed into service. But what do you do for the Birthday girl or boy. It’s a tricky age to reach the last few years if middle age and then old age starts to play on the mind. How then can we make the party go with a swing? Here are some top ideas.

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  1. Make a film. It really doesn’t have to be long. All you need is a bit of computer know how and some old VHS tape. If they’re 60 this year, then they were born in 1958 and there must be some old tapes knocking about of them. If not, then a montage or selection of photos from babyhood through to today with some there favourite music from the time playing in the background.
  2. A big luxurious dinner. Go through the address book and just invite everyone. Can you imagine the look on their face when that lot turns up? Take the approach of the more the merrier. It solves the problem of discos too.
  3. A themed party. They would have been 20 in 1978 so why not theme a party around the that era of 1988 when they were 30. That give you quite a scope to play with there. Star Wars is around that time and ABBA and Punk and the New Romantics and Thatcher you’ve got quite a time scale. You could link it into films between the decade of their 20’s and 30’s
  4. This also needs to be set around the time of there youth. If you go for a bit of Ska and Punk, although that’s not too party friendly. Stick to the classic of Disco.
  5. Balloons are always popular especially when they have the themed running through them. It might not be an idea to have the age emblazoned everywhere as they might be a little bit sensitive about it. It is a big age after all.

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These are just a few ideas for you to have a look at. It’s always a good idea to speak the person whose party it is as they will also have some ideas that they’d no doubt like you to do. Happy birthday to you.

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