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Taking care of your windows

Windows are an important part of any building, making it look attractive and providing light for the interior. They become dirty over time from factors like air pollution, weather, dust and many other things. Leaving them in a dirty condition can even cause them damage, as well as making the building look unpleasant. Window care is therefore important, to continue looking good and to keep them working as they should, for as long as they can. Here are some tips for keeping them cared for:

Caring for wood

As an organic material, wood requires a little more care and maintenance than synthetic materials. It is more vulnerable to wear and tear and the elements. Wood must be cleaned at least twice a year and be regularly checked for damage.

For cleaning a wooden exterior, it’s important that a soft cloth is used, along with water and a brush. If the windows are particularly grubby, some soap can be added to the water. For painted wood, washing up liquid with alcohol and water can be applied.

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When using detergent, be sure the surface is rinsed well with water to avoid damaging the wood finish. Things to avoid include ammonia, glass cleaner, any abrasive cleaners or strong chemicals. A good method is to brush from top to bottom to avoid scratching.

Any scratches on the wood can be touched up with paint or the wood can be treated with wood finish to help prevent any further weather damage. This will also prolong the life of the wood. Recoating wood should be done every few years and you can get a professional do this for you if you can’t do it yourself.

Caring for uPVC and aluminium

Neither aluminium nor uPVC require the same level of maintenance as wood. These synthetic materials are highly durable. All you need to keep them clean is a soft cloth and some soap and water to wipe the dirt of the window frames. Grease marks can be removed with washing up liquid and water. If this is ineffective, you can use a uPVC cream cleaner. Always be sure to rinse the area with plenty of water to get rid of any detergents.

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If you notice any cracks, scratches or disintegration in the glass, you’ll need a professional to take a look. For Emergency Glaziers Leicester, visit


To keep your locks functioning well, all you need is a drop of lubrication. A light machine oil will help to keep the locks operating smoothly which helps the overall care of the window.


As with your locks, a little light machine oil can be applied to lubricate the hinges and help them move smoothly and easily without any force plus helping to prevent rust.

Whatever type of windows you have in your property, some regular maintenance will ensure they stay looking shiny and attractive, as well as extending their lifespan.


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