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Are you suffering from Boring Website Syndrome?

A website needs to be many things, but boring is not one of them. The web is gigantic, full of limitless potential and interactive joy, so make sure your corner of it is up to scratch. In today’s fiercely competitive online world, your site must be compelling, or visitors won’t stay long enough to find out how great you really are. Here is how to define boring:

  1. The home page has no focus

Without a focal point, there is no purpose. Perhaps you are suffering from too little or too much content? Too much and you’ve got a messy page with no clear direction, and too little is just a wasted opportunity to make an impression. Either issue leads to a dull experience for the user.

What do your visitors need to know? The right content will encourage them to click further into your site. Images and movement are also effective ways to grab attention and entice people deeper into your site. Clear, concise, bold and very much you. For help with your home page focus, contact a Reading Web Design today.

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  1. Lack of interaction

Users today want an experience, they want to interact. By not including this element on your site will result in low conversion rates. Websites are the ideal platform for engaging interaction, otherwise you’d just print off some brochures instead. Give users an experience rather than an bland page of information.

You don’t even need anything big and flashy. Just social network buttons, photo galleries, simple hover over effects or animation can provide the right level of interaction to keep visitors interested.

  1. Long chunks of text

People don’t visit a website to read a novel. If your blogs roll on forever in unformatted text or your About Us page puts War and Peace to shame, then it’s time for action. Your users will be nodding off or be getting eye strain! Too much text in one chunk is hard to focus on, so people simply won’t bother.

Break up your text with infographics or images. Humans are highly visual creatures, so keep them entertained and engaged with interspersed images. If you must have long text, try using different headers and divide the text into easily digestible sections.

  1. Vague or no calls to action

A site with vague or no calls to action is pointless. There is a golden opportunity being missed to connect with users. Ensure you have a CTA on every page of your site and make them obvious and clear. Choosing good icons is an effective way to draw attention to your CTA.

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  1. An abandoned blog

Seeing a site whose last blog post was a couple of years ago is very disheartening, not to mention boring. Your user will either think you’re no longer in business, that your site is not important to you or that you’ve nothing new or interesting to say about your business. It’s hard to find time for blogging but it’s an activity that reaps rewards if you can.

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