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How to stop feeling tired in winter

Many people feel sluggish and low in the winter when the temperature drops and nights are longer. Here are some things that may give you energy and help you feel better.

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Dose up on sunlight

Letting daylight into your home by opening your curtains and taking a walk outdoors can really help alleviate some of the worst effects of the shorter days during winter. The lack of sunlight can mean your brain produces more melatonin, a hormone that can make you feel sleepy. So while the days are shorter try to get out and about in the daylight as much as you can.

Sleep well

Good sleep is important to help you fend off tiredness in winter. Sleeping too long can disrupt your healthy sleep cycle though, so however tempting it is to try to hibernate during winter, prepare for a good night’s sleep by staying active during the day and this should stop you feeling sluggish.

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Stay active

We may not want to exercise when it’s dark outside and the weather is wet or cold, but staying active is essential to feeling well. You don’t have to join a gym or take an exercise class to keep fit though. You can mix staying active with things you enjoy doing, such as going for a skate with friends, or tidying up your garden or playing with the kids on some wooden climbing frames such as those from NI Climbing Frames


Learning how to relax when you feel under pressure can really help us cope with difficult and stressful situations. Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises can all be useful ways to help us relax. Mind explains more about some simple things you could do to help your mental wellbeing all year round.

Eat right

Your energy levels can be affected by being overweight or underweight so a healthy, balanced diet all year round can help you feel less tired. Including plenty of fruit and vegetables in your meals can increase your energy levels and during winter vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and cauliflower can be roasted or made into tasty soups.

Keeping active, connecting with people you enjoy spending time with and looking after yourself by eating well and getting enough sleep and sunlight will all work together to give you more energy to enjoy the winter.

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