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Six security tips to protect your home this winter

Winter can be a time when intruders and burglars take advantage of the darker months, so let’s look at six useful tips for home security.

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Home burglar alarm systems are graded from zero to two. Steer clear of the lowest grade and avoid bell-only alarms, which are simple for thieves to manipulate; instead, choose a monitored alarm system featuring ongoing technical assistance. If the alarm is set off, key-holder alarm response systems give the homeowner a call, while more expensive police-response systems provide definitive peace of mind.

Whatever your choice, ensure that your home alarm is wireless and pet-friendly. If you can operate it from an app, you can activate it from your phone.


Cameras let you capture film of intruders, with HD cameras available to suit every budget. Make sure that your camera is not easily seen and think about linking it with an app. In this way, you can see the film from any location in the world. Camera kits plus CCTV systems can integrate with your home alarm for the maximum home security system.

2 Automated lights

Using simple smart bulb technology, homeowners can put their lights on timers and change the colour and brightness. Smart bulbs function with Alexa and may be controlled remotely using an app.

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3 Go on lockdown

Fit sturdy locks to doors and windows, hiding the keys away from the windows and doors. Similarly, do not keep your car keys by the front door. Burglars are typically more interested in your vehicle than computers and tablets.

4 Sensor lights

A sensor light puts intruders under a spotlight. Do not use sensor lights unnecessarily – ensure they only work when it is dark.

5 Protect the windows with bars or grilles

Intruders can smash side windows to gain entry and reach keys. Decorative bars and grilles can greatly improve security while introducing aesthetic appeal.

If you are seeking a home automation company, a specialist such as should be your first port of call.

There are lots more security tips available online.

6 Replace your keys

When reviewing your security, think about when your keys were last replaced. Do past owners or tenants have access to your home? Could someone have made copies? If you are concerned, ask a locksmith to change the locks.

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