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Six of the best bathroom trends

Bathrooms don’t have to be plain, white and simple. Trends including patterned tiles and recycled materials can give a unique style to even the smallest bathroom or cloakroom. Designers are moving away from being bland in the bathroom and are bringing inspiration from furniture and fittings used more regularly in other rooms to add colour and life.

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Shape it up

Square isn’t your only choice of tile shape, with hexagonal tiles coming into the spotlight over the last few years and now scallop shaped and fish scale tiles being the latest way to add a softer, organic style to your bathroom.

A clever choice of tiles is a great way to trick the eye into thinking you’ve got a bigger bathroom, according to Ideal Home.

Hot stuff

It’s not just towel rails that can add heat to a bathroom, with aluminium radiators in designer shapes and colours offering potential panache for your space. In modern matte finishes and dark colour,s there is plenty of choice for you to make aluminium radiators a feature of your bathroom.

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Wood you?

Rich coloured woods with textured grains are a big trend in bathrooms this season. Whether it’s cabinets, bath panels or even the basins themselves, bringing wood into the bathroom isn’t a risky business, with waterproof finishes preserving the beauty of the wood you’re using.

Turned on

Shiny silver taps and shower fittings are rapidly being swapped for brass, rose gold or black alternatives. Keep the colour consistent across your towel rails, loo paper holders and accessories to bring a classy style to your bathroom.

Shine a light

Drop lights and illuminated pendants are taking the place of spotlights and backlit mirrors in the latest on-trend bathrooms. Make sure you’ve illuminated all the key parts of your bathroom with subtle or hidden task lighting and then be brave and make a statement with a centrepiece light fitting that catches everyone’s eyes.

Wonder wall

Waterproof wallpaper that makes a statement with bold patterns and bright colours is continuing to pack a punch in all the most stylish bathrooms. Designers have caught onto this trend and are demanding waterproof finishes for all their favourite wallpaper patterns.

You don’t need to completely redo your bathroom to perk it up with these six trends to inspire you.

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