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SEO techniques you can use to boost your Google ranking

If you’re looking to boost organic traffic to your website, there are plenty of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that can help. Here is a quick look at a few basic and more advanced tactics that could prove effective.

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Basic SEO techniques

The good news is there are many techniques that are straightforward to implement. If you have older content, you can update it by creating a longer article around the same topic. Google likes up-to-date, in-depth content. You can also try adding internal backlinks to your underperforming content from your popular pages. Another idea is to link to ‘influencers’ within your niche, which also helps to build relationships and cement your authority.

Advanced SEO techniques

If you want to take things to the next level, you could try optimising your site for Google’s machine learning algorithm, RankBrain. Ways to do this include creating compelling content that minimises ‘bounce rate’ and putting a number in your header (e.g., 9 ways to write great blog posts). Researching and incorporating long-tail keywords can also see you rise in the Google rankings. These are three or four keyword phrases that are highly specific. Don’t forget that Google loves to display results that are relevant to the user’s query.

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To take things even further, experts are continually testing advanced techniques in order to see whether they are officially or unofficially supported by Google. Tactics such as JS-injected canonical tags and placing hreflang attributes into anchor links are among those that have seen positive results. If you use SEO services in London through Elevate UK, or another London based SEO agency, you can be sure the latest tactics are being employed to give your site a boost.

One word of caution. It’s important that the SEO techniques you employ do not lead to your site being penalised. Keeping up with Google best practice can be time-consuming, so, again, to get the best out of your SEO, it’s a good idea to consider hiring the experts.

SEO remains a highly effective way to drive organic traffic to your site. By employing a few targeted techniques, you can ensure you’re getting the most out of Google and maximising the number of potential customers visiting your site. Just make sure your tactics do not fall foul of Google’s ever-changing rules.

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