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How to send parcels abroad

Many couriers offer worldwide distribution, so learn more here.

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When sending a parcel abroad, whether it’s for business, or if it’s simply a birthday or anniversary gift, the customer will want to ensure it arrives safely and undamaged at its destination. There are many questions to be asked, such as ‘How long will my parcel take?’ and ‘Can you make sure my package arrives safely?’ Others might include ‘How much will it cost?’ and ‘Is my parcel permitted into the destination country?’

All couriers will want to make sure that parcels entrusted to them arrive undamaged. There are steps that you can take to help the parcel along its way, for example, packaging the goods in the correct manner and choosing a box or envelope that suits the size of your shipment. Goods packed into too-tight boxes run the risk of ripping open during transportation. And remember to choose the right material, for example, cardboard envelopes are perfect for light documents. Bubble envelopes, on the other hand, offer more protection and are ideal for sending CDs or DVDs. Particular attention must be paid to the packaging of fragile goods.

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Record use of next-day delivery services

According to IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) May saw a record use by customers of next-day services for online orders.

As customers are growing more demanding and expecting more, they are now looking to a same day service. Previously this would have been an unachievable feat, but with modern technology, well-equipped vehicles and a more elaborate infrastructure, parcels can now travel from their origin to their destination in hours, within a given area.

Entrust your package to couriers such as to ensure your parcel arrives at its destination. Looking for a high calibre same day courier Slough is a great place to start.

Remember that international shipments involve plenty of paperwork. You should make sure your customs documents are in order before sending. And you should familiarise yourself with the charges and tax requirements for such shipments. Arm yourself with the knowledge beforehand and do your homework, and this will ensure your parcel arrives, no matter where it is travelling to. There are plenty of tools online that allow you to roughly calculate the cost of your shipment, whether it’s signed, tracked, or a standard delivery. If in doubt, ask a professional.

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