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Research reveals the importance of office design

There is plenty of research to suggest that our environment impacts on how we behave, so it makes sense to have office workspaces that reflect the way we want our employees to behave. This is borne out by a recent survey of 2,000 British employees. The survey, which spanned three generations, revealed that 43% of them thought that the way their workplace is designed impacts on their creativity and innovation.

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You can judge a book by its cover

The survey further revealed that 85% of employees think that visitors judge the building on the appearance of the workplace. 79% said that the appearance and design of a workplace would make them more inclined to take a role if they were job-seeking. This poses some challenges for organisations working in old, outmoded buildings.

Effects on health

There is a wide range of evidence to suggest that environmental factors such as noise, temperature and natural light are important to workplace productivity, and these are some of the most important factors to British workers. Health and well-being is high on the agenda in most businesses nowadays, so anything that helps improve this is going to be advantageous. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) agrees with this approach, saying that productivity can drop by 66% when people are subjected to what it calls disruptive noise. It also advocates LED lighting and low-flush toilets. If you’re looking for offices to let Basingstoke has some great options.

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Natural Effects

RICS goes further and says that incorporating more outdoor space into our workplaces, which may be as simple as making a garden available, or if that is not possible, opening up a balcony or terrace, can go some way to helping with wellbeing. Add good local amenities, such as gyms offering subsidised memberships to the mix, and organisations are heading in the right direction. Examples can be found at websites such as

Time for a nap?

The latest feature to be designed into new offices is the sleep pod. 29% of British workers say they’d used them if they were available – although it’s not clear exactly how that would fit into the working day. Perhaps that’s just to compensate for the long hours that British workers spend at work, rather than for a siesta?

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