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PUBG – The Smash Hit Ruling The World

Every once in a while a smash hit game comes along that completely defies expectations. That game, currently, is PUBG. Or, Player Unknowns Battle Ground, for those not aware. The game has sold an absolutely absurd number of copies, and is still continuing to break new record for concurrent players. Over 3 million, by a recent count.

So what is this landmark, runaway success game that is setting the world on fire? Surely it must be some sort of revolutionary concept, unique and never before seen. The oddest thing about PUBG is that it is none of these things. It is, in fact, a simple Battle Royale game that virtually any developer could have churned out.

So why then, does it continue to dominate sales charts across the world and stay as popular as the games found at River Belle casino?

What Is The Concept?

For those who might not be aware, a Battle Royale game is a very simple, straightforward concept. Players are dropped into an area, and forced to quickly scavenge for weapons in nearby locations. Every player is against every other player, and must kill or be killed. The last person standing wins.

You’ve probably heard the concept a dozen times in video games. In fact, it’s one of the oldest concepts since gaming was invented; a death-match. So how could this old video game formula be doing so incredibly well?

Old Ideas Done Right

PUBG is certainly not the first game to come up with this idea, as already said. But, what PUBG has done is made the idea work well. There are, in fact, very few bells and whistles in the game at all. It’s a straightforward experience, and anyone can grasp what is going on with little to no explanation.

Games that have come before PUBG, and there have been many, attempted to pull off similar experiences, but simply got bogged down in trying to be more than just a Battle Royale game. PUBG is majestic in its simplicity, and is careful to not muddy the experience with things that really aren’t necessary. And, it goes to show, this has resonated strongly with players.

It Has It’s Problems

Does that mean PUBG is a perfect game? No, on the contrary, it is a game with many issues. The game performs poorly, even on powerful computers. The game has a problem with cheaters, since the anti-cheat software is poor, to say the least. And yes, the game has a number of still present bugs. The game has also recently been ported to the Xbox consoles, where it’s performance is nothing short of dismal.

So, there is plenty of room for improvement, which makes it all the more astonishing that the game has achieved such immense success, in such a short space of time. The developers are quickly attempting to improve the game, but it seems that even the game creators were not expecting such runaway success, and are struggling to keep up with the overbearing demand. Either way, where the game goes from here will be interesting. Since the game has so much room for expansion, one can only imagine what will be done to keep the game fresh beyond its initial success.

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