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How To Prevent Brown Patches On Your Grass

A few dull spots on the lawn are to be expected when it comes to your outdoor area, especially if you’re not able to treat it as often as you’d like. But one thing’s for certain: Nobody wants their beautiful lawn ruined by brown spots. If you’re seeking out landscaping tips from Richmond’s source for landscaping supplies that will help you get a handle on your lawn’s overall health, you’re already headed in the right direction. In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you keep your outdoor area looking its best no matter the season.

Use Nitrogenous Fertilizer

If your lawn suffers from brown spots and even worse issues like dead patches and urine spots, nitrogen may hold the key to a greener tomorrow. Nitrogen won’t just spark grass growth, it will impart to each blade a lovely shade of green. However, the key with nitrogen-rich fertilizer is to make sure you don’t use too much. If you’re not careful to strike the right balance, your lawn could suffer from too much exposure. For best results, use a careful amount of nitrogenous fertilizer and an iron supplement to give your lawn a fresh green look.

Water at the Proper Times

You might assume it doesn’t matter when or how you water your lawn, as long as it gets watered. However, just as over-watering can be a problem, watering at the wrong times can create some issues. The best thing to do is to water your lawn only at the driest points of the day, especially if you live in an already humid climate. The best times to water are in the early morning or evening before the moisture starts to overwhelm your grass.

Mow Regularly

Even if you dream of long blades of tall green grass on your lawn, it’s better to keep it short. Your lawn’s health depends on airflow just as much as moisture retention, and keeping the blades short will allow for air to circulate and prevent any patch getting too much or too little moisture or oxygen. It will also create a nice uniform appearance for your lawn. Since you’re fighting fungus growth when you’re fighting brown patch disease, the important thing is to keep moisture from getting locked in and causing fungus to spread. Allowing this to happen could also bring on other harmful issues, such as grub infestation.

Plant Disease-Fighting Seeds

Iron is a great thing to feed your grass for color. Preventing brown spots, however, requires something a bit more proactive. Many grass seed brands are specially formulated to protect your lawn from succumbing to brown spots and dead patches, as well as any harmful fungal growth. You can pick up grass seed at any hardware store, and it’s easy to find varieties that are created to treat your specific concern. However, as with the nitrogenous fertilizer, remember to use it in moderation, and don’t assume that the same routine will work for every season in the year. Choosing to treat your lawn more aggressively in drier seasons could easily backfire and create an overly arid climate that’s harmful to grass growth.

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