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PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4: Tricks and features to expand the possibilities

We bring you a collection of best tricks and features for the PlayStation 4. Although we have been with her for years, some of us have always used her for little more than playing, watching movies and series, and now. And we have not bothered to look for how to get the most out of it. And to know what its advanced functions are.

We have tried to get away from other compilations of tricks in which we also focus on the most basic functions. They do not make as much sense in a device that has already been on the market so much. However, and although we have some. We have preferred to focus on other functions that are a little more hidden or not often used.

Get the most out of your headphones

PlayStation 4

The DualShock 4 control of your PlayStation 4 has a 3.5 mm jack to connect any headset you want. That means that if you do not have enough with the officers. You will always be able to use any other that you have at home and that you like more. And you can also buy others.

And if you’re looking for a totally wireless experience, you can also connect your Bluetooth head phones. Just go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices and select them from the list. Of course. Before you have to ensure that your headphones are officially supported by Sony. Since not all are compatible with the console.

Choose what you hear on the headphones

And once you’ve connected your headphones, you can define two types of sound settings. You can make only chat conversations in them in online games. Or if you prefer, just listen to all the sounds.

Control the PlayStation 4 from your mobile

the PlayStation 4

Sony also has an app with which to link mobile and console. It’s called PlayStation App, and you can download it from Google Play on Android. Or the iOS App Store. From it you can check events and your trophies, make purchases and remote installations from the mobile for your console. And even exchange codes or access the communities.

In the app you also have access to the second screen option that will make you download a second application. From it you can write from the mobile in the console to save you having to do it with the command menus.

Set the sleep mode to leave downloading games

The PlayStation 4 has the function of preloading digital games. This means that when you buy some games from the official Sony store before they leave. You can download them a few days before they are ready the day of their release. And both for these downloads and when you do not remember to download them and want to take advantage at night. You can set the sleep mode so that the console is still connected and downloading games while consuming less.

  • In the main menu of the console, go to Settings
  • In settings, go down and click on Energy Saving Settings
  • Now, go to the option Set available functions in sleep mode

You will enter a menu where you can set the functions available in this mode. Such as supplying food to the USB ports to leave loading the remote, keep the console connected. Or keep the games and applications suspended.

Program the automatic shutdown of the console

top PlayStation 4

If you are one of those who falls asleep on the couch when watching a movie, or forgetful of those who usually leave the console on consuming energy. There is a way in which you can remove a weight from your head. The PlayStation 4 allows you to program an automatic shutdown once the time you decide has passed.

  • In the main menu of the console, go to Settings
  • In settings, go down and click on Energy Saving Settings

Within the menu, click on Set time to turn off your PS4 and choose when you want it to be done automatically when you are with applications or multimedia playback

Switch between two applications at the touch of a button

If when you are using a game or application you press twice on the PS button of your command. The console will alternate between the two most recent applications or games. Not that it is a multitasking that will save your life. But at least you can save the tedium of leaving an app or game and find the other.

Turn on the TV from the console

You can turn on your TV when you turn on the PlayStation 4. Not all TVs allow you to do it, but it is a function that many Smart TV will let you do. The function is officially called HDMI-CEC, but each manufacturer gives it a different name. For example, on the PS4 the option is called “HDMI device link”.

In order to do so you have to enable this function on both the TV and the console. Doing it on TV depends on your manufacturer, you will have to look at it on your own, but to activate it in the console you have to go to the Settings menu , and within System select the option “Activate HDMI device link” .

If you have a PS Vita, you have remote play

discover PlayStation 4

OK, it’s true that Sony has already abandoned its veteran portable console, but if you still have a Vita at home it never hurts to remind you that you can use it to remotely play your PS4 games . Remotely from home at least, which will allow you to use it when you’re in the bathroom or lying in bed.

The only thing you will need is that you are identified in both consoles with the same PlayStation Network ID. Of course, you must have enabled the connection in sleep mode as we have said a little above. In addition, you can also use the Vita as a second command, perfect for games to fight games or collaborative when you only have a Dual shock at home.

Share your captures and do live streaming

In a time in which the streaming of games is the order of the day is no more remember that your PlayStation has a share button with which you can do many things. You can from simply take a screenshot or record a video and upload it to Facebook, or Twitter, until streaming live on other platforms.

All this you do with just pressing the Share button on the remote. When you do, a menu will open where you will have all the options you can choose from, as well as the appropriate recording settings. There are also different shortcuts depending on how you press the button . You can keep it pressed to take a capture automatically or double-click to start recording a video.

Use it to take screenshots to the PC

The PlayStation 4 allows you to save the captures and videos that you record in a USB through the front ports that you have, which in turn allows you to take them later to your computer. However, if you do not want to be with the USB up and down, or if you just do not want to have to think about which file system is compatible with the console, there is also a little trick with which you can share the catches between devices more easily.

The method is to share the captures or videos in your Facebook profile, configuring it so that you only see them. The negative part is that you will have to deal with the compression of the images made by the social network, but in return you can upload them and then download them on any computer or mobile from which you access your profile.

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