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play golf with wind

Essential tips for play golf with wind

What happens if we go out to play and the wind appears? How should we proceed? What factors must be taken into account when we go out to play golf with wind?To these and other questions we are going to answer you so that the wind does not negatively affect your golf game.

Tips for play golf with wind

Assess the conditions

tips for play golf with wind

When we go out to play and blow more air of the account we have to prepare ourselves to adapt our way of playing. For this we must take into account 3 factors :

  • In what direction does the wind blow?
  • With what intensity.
  • To what extent it will affect our blow.

There are some tricks to detect these factors . For example, to determine the direction and intensity of the wind you can pluck some blades of grass and throw them into the air. With this action and with the experience, we will be able to know how much it will affect the ball.

In places of a lot of trees we should not lose sight of the treetops , since when the ball leaves that area it will be more affected by the wind.

Another option is to look in which direction the clouds move or in how and how much the flag moves .

A note; in higher areas, the wind will be felt more than in lower areas of the field, so keeping the ball lower than usual will help us to control our blows more.

Choose the suit

best play golf with wind

If the wind is against us, it is best to choose longer sticks. If the wind goes our favor, a shorter one is better.

Our advice is that you practice your blows on windy days as it will help you to better know the height and the effect of your hitting.

The ball

top play golf with wind

To better control the ball it is best to hit it lower and with less effect . With a very high blow the ball can deviate more from its line than with a lower stroke. A ball with a lot of “back-spin” effect will take much more height than a ball with less effect, especially when the wind blows against us.

How to keep the ball low?

To keep the ball lower and controlled, you have to make several changes before executing our stroke:

  • Delay the ball: we must place the ball more towards the right foot (if we are right-handed) than we would normally do with the club we are going to use .
  • We will use a stick more than normally. A longer stick has fewer degrees so the ball will come out lower and with less back-spin.
  • We load light weight to the left side of our body and place our hands forward in the stance and feel how they are maintained at the moment of impact.
  • Hit more smoothly and with three quarters of movement . This is going to make up for having one extra stick. Also, in this way we will give you less effect.

How to play depending on the direction of the wind

discover play golf with wind

Side wind

Play golf with lateral wind:

  • We can adjust our position pointed to where the wind is blowing and let it push the ball towards our target.
  • The more experienced players play with effects so that the ball goes practically straight.
  • Fade effect; the wind blows from right to left, we will hit the ball with effect from left to right.
  • Draw effect; hit the ball in such a way that it takes a curved path from right to left (for right-handed players).

Wind in favor

  • With the wind in favor, the ball flies more and we have less control , so we do not have to hit the base ball. We will place ourselves normally and choose the suit that best suits the force of the wind.
  • The ball tends to lose enough effect of backs or so it will not stop as it normally would. It is best to choose the boat area before our goal and let it roll.
  • To give height to the ball with the driver it is better to play with the wood three. The ball will come out much higher reaching more distance.

With the wind against

  • Playing with the wind against it implies that the ball flies less and the effects are accentuated . A gentle breeze can influence our choice of club, for example, play a stick, an iron 8 instead of 9 and if the wind is stronger we can modify our choice up to three more suits.
  • Keeping the ball low and controlling the force of the blow is very important as there is a tendency to hit the ball harder when feeling the wind blowing against our blow.
  • The choice of the stick is essential so that the feeling of having to “hit hard” disappears, since trying to hit harder can make us fail the blow or give more effect to the ball leaving it at the mercy of the wind.

The wind on the green

  • Depending on the speed of the wind and the green the blows can be affected to a greater or lesser extent.
  • If the wind blows strong it is advisable to open a little more our stance to have a more stable base and prevent the wind from altering our position.
  • We can also lean more on the ball. Choosing the shortest stick will make us lower and that the strong wind does not affect us when we do the putt swing.
  • Knowing how to handle our game in windy conditions will not only expand our game options but also give us a great advantage over other competitors.

The wind can be your ally or your enemy

The technique requires a clear strategy and study the atmospheric conditions present in the field. First  you must observe in which direction the wind blows  and the intensity, something that you can verify simply by tearing off a little grass and throwing it into the air. In case of playing in a  field with enough trees , observe the movement of the highest branches of these and the clouds. While in the high areas of the field the wind is more noticeable, in the lower areas the intensity will be lower, but that should not confuse you.

In general,  if you play with wind it is recommended that you keep the ball lower than usual. Also the direction of the flag is a sign that you should not fail to observe at any time.

Winning strategy

Essential tips for play golf with wind

Observing is fundamental in this sport, since the wind changes direction in each hole and in each stroke. Imagination and visualization before the blow is very helpful. When you imagine the trajectory of the blow and the effect of the wind on the ball, you concentrate the energy and the breath,  guaranteeing an effective blow. Confidence and mental strength is the incentive of all athletes. Sometimes you have to aim the blow out of the street and have the confidence that the wind will bring the ball to its destination,  that is, not play against the wind , but adapt and adapt to it to gain ground, rather we can say that we can have it as an ally.

Wind conditions of great difficulty

Many players do not like to practice in adverse weather conditions, however, and to achieve high competition, I advise you to maneuver skillfully in extreme conditions, because when competing you will have a considerable advantage over other competitors.

With lateral wind

Adjust the position, point to where the wind is blowing and let the breeze push the ball into the hole. You can make the hit with  fade or draw effects  as appropriate, which require great skill but are essential to combat the lateral wind and control the line of flight and contact with the ground of the ball.

With wind in favor

Place the ball normally and do not hit the ball low. Choose the stick according to the force of the wind. The ball loses recoil effect, so it will not stop in the area of ​​the green. To maneuver in this condition, choose the boat zone before the target and let the ball roll and reach the target.

With wind against

a play golf with wind

Keep the ball low and choose a stick of more. If you normally hit that with a six iron, with a headwind you must choose the number five. You must overcome the tendency to want to hit the ball with excessive force, risking failure. So be smarter and hit with precision.

Strong wind on the green

In case the wind blows with a lot of force, open your stance a little more   to have a more stable base and prevent the wind from affecting your posture and balance. If you are a right-handed player, the crosswind is not usually a problem. When you play with winds from right to left, load more weight towards the tip of your feet. Reciprocally and in cases where the wind comes from the left to the right, you should lean more on your heels.

In  approach shots , look at the position of the flag and if you make a mistake try again on the opposite side to where the wind blows.

Practice and study in the United States

most essential tips for play golf with wind

Dec sports offers a great opportunity to young players with  USA sports scholarships  to study a university career while continuing to train and improve their performance in golf. If you are interested in the scholarship you must have a very high level in golf, have not signed any professional contract, pass the tests of  English SAT and TOEFL of the universities   and have the bachelor’s degree with excellent marks. Not only athletes can access to the  USA academic scholarship , if you know a student with an excellent academic background, you can suggest that they process the scholarship that includes a university degree, accommodation and diets.

Finally, it’s time to make your dreams come true. If you are a young golfer between 12 and 17 years old, the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to play golf with wind in the United States is closer than you think. Although of course, first you must practice daily and achieve the technique that brings you closer to the hole in one.

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