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Personalized vases

Personalized vases to decorate your home

Today we are going to dedicate ourselves to create some personalized vases so that you decorate your house with your favorite colors. If you like plants but also want to give importance to the container where you place them you can not miss these ideas that we will tell you next. They are very simple crafts with which you can give a new life to old glass containers, recycled jars or even ordinary glasses. Let’s get down to business!

Painted single color vases

This DIY simple and very effective I have seen in the blog Sugar and Charm and I have loved. To do this you will need glasses or containers of different sizes, special paint for glass or ceramic of the colors you like, surface conditioner, a brush and some kitchen paper.

Personalized vases
Image Source: Google Image

How to paint these vases

The first thing you will do will be to wash and dry them well. Then, pour the conditioner and cover the inside of the vase, letting it dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want to invent a color you can make mixes in a separate bowl. In any case, when you already know the chosen tonality you must paint the interior of the container with the brush.

Dry the paint

When it is all covered, put it upside down on the kitchen paper to let the excess paint drip and it is left out. The longer you leave it the finer the coating. In this case they have left only a few minutes to get a thicker look. You can even try giving it several layers. Let it dry all night long and you’ll already have your custom vases of your favorite color.

Personalized vases
Image Source: Google Image

Polka dot vase

This craft is extremely simple but you will see how well it will stay. I’ve seen it on the Ruffled blog and to make it you’ll need a bottle, a glass, a jug, a cup … a container the way you want it, tape, a punch, liquid paint and spray paint. To leave the white glass has been used the same technique I told you before: pour the paint and let it dry face down.

The personalization of the vase

In order to customize the container, you have to bore the adhesive tape. You do not have to follow any pattern, the holes can be totally random. When the bottle is dry wrap it with the tape of holes and covers the rest with tape of bodybuilder, avoiding to leave any hollow. Spray the bottle with the spray so that it only draws color to the area of the holes. Remove all the tapes and you will already have your vase of moles. A cool and easy to do!

Personalized vases
Image Source: Google Image

Third idea

Come with a third idea to give your vases a new personality. It’s from the Brit + Co blog and you will need to make some white vases, body tape and permanent markers of various colors.

The creative process

Circle the vase with the ribbon to leave the area in which you want to draw the chosen pattern. Here they have chosen a very cool tribal design that they have first drawn on a paper and then they have shaped it in the vase. If you dare you can improvise, but when in doubt it will always be better to have a guide. It is a very simple transformation with a very effective and decorative result.

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