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Older age and the Long-term care that may be needed

Most of us are very aware that as we age we find that there are more and more things that we struggle to do, that would have been easy in our younger age. As an ageing population society is investing more money into the care of those elderly members of our society. This could be through funding for more spaces in care homes or helping individuals to remain in their own homes for longer with the use of Live in Care Gloucester companies that provide care workers to help the individuals out with everyday tasks including personal care, cooking and eating meals, house work and even the occasional trip out.

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Thinking ahead to the type of care that you might need in older age is important to ensure that you have the funds available and that you set up any appropriate savings scheme or pension pots that will help you to live the lifestyle that you want in your retirement and into older age. For those individuals that do not have the finances available to be able to fully fund their care, there are government funds that they may be eligible to apply for. It is important to speak to the relevant professionals during your working life to help ensure that you have the funds available in later life.

Care options that are available include:

  • Care homes – these can be found in council led provisions as well as private companies. These homes will care for individuals from those looking for independent living with supported care as needed, right through to specialist wings for dementia residents.
  • Care at home – again this can include carers that come in a couple of times a day to help with personal care and at key times of day such as meal times and bedtime, right through to live in care workers who will remain with the individuals throughout the day to help with any of their needs.

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When looking into care options it is important to also think about the legal documents that you will want to have put in place to ensure that your wishes are carried out should you suffer from an illness or accident that results in a loss of mental capacity. These documents include a Power of Attorney. This gives individuals that you choose the power to be able to act on your behalf and ensure that you have the care that you want, even when you are unable to make or communicate your wishes.

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