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What To Look For When Buying An Electric Golf Cart

Whether you’re seeking a brand new golf cart, a used or refurbished cart or one of the custom golf carts for sale from a local dealer, there are some things that need to be checked out first. In fact, buying an electric golf cart is not all that different from purchasing any other type of vehicle, be it an automobile, boat, or motorcycle.

Each one has certain aspects that should be considered and explored in order to make the best decision ahead of handing over your hard-earned cash. Owning a cart is something that you plan to do for the long-term, no golf for beginners here.

Buying New, Used, or Refurbished

This is the first decision to make and there are a number of factors that go into the choice. Sure, price is one of the initial considerations. A new golf cart will cost more than a used or refurbished cart and there are fewer concerns about repair costs over time. New carts pose less risks in that department, yet saving some money on the initial purchase can be too tempting to pass up by going with a used or refurbished option.

If you are considering going with the latter, then be careful. A used cart is one thing, a refurbished one is another. For a used golf cart, you’re buying the vehicle “as-is”, meaning that you are making the purchase with the knowledge that the cart is in a certain condition. For a refurbished cart, you may be making the purchase after having been informed that the cart has had some work done on it, to restore the vehicle to some semblance of functionality with improvements made in certain areas.

But be careful as to what parts have been improved and which have not. Sometimes, a refurbished golf cart has merely had the tires replaced, given new seats, and a paint job. While it may appear refurbished on the outside, the interior of the cart has been left untouched. Components like the motor, the batteries, the bearings, and other vital parts may be in used condition which, more often than not, usually results in your having to pay for repairs after your purchase. Repairs you didn’t expect to have to deal with.

How Old is the Cart?

Choosing a new cart won’t really apply here, but for those of you considering a used or refurbished cart instead, it pays to know how old the cart is before you buy it. Older models can be tougher to find parts for in the event you need to repair or replace something. Sometimes the older models may not have certain features you really want in your cart.

A used or refurbished cart that was manufactured in 2005 or later will come with a log that counts the number of hours and cycles on the controller. Ask about the number on your potential cart and if it’s severely high, you may want to keep looking.

Condition of the Batteries

This is probably the most important component to check out on any used or refurbished golf cart. The battery pack must be in good to excellent condition, otherwise don’t buy the cart. The age of the batteries, much like the age of the cart, can also be a deal-breaker. You may also want to ask about a manufacturer’s warranty on the battery if you do purchase the cart.

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