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How To Light Your Outdoor Patio

When we’re talking about designing the right lighting scheme for your outdoor patio, you can’t overemphasize the importance of doing it properly. That’s because outdoor patio lighting gives you the opportunity to enjoy this part of your home at all hours.

Sure, we all love hanging out on the patio during the day, with the sun beating down and the breeze in our hair. But when the night time comes, you may still wish to spend time out there with loved ones and entertaining friends and guests. You certainly don’t want to be fumbling around in the dark just for the privilege.

Without adequate lighting out there, you closing off a vital part of your home’s square footage. This feature of the property may have even contributed to your decision to purchase the house in the first place. Perhaps you built the patio as an addition to the home after you moved in. In either case, you put a significant amount of financial investment into this patio and you should be able to get full use of it both day and night.

So we’re going to talk about how best to light your patio for use during the latter. Take a look at these outdoor lighting tips from your trusted experts in landscape lighting Sarasota.

Focus on Your Steps

If the patio has a stairwell of any height or size, your first concern should be for ensuring that these steps are completely and totally illuminated. This will be a critical component for helping to avoid dangerous slip and falls by anyone who can’t see the stairs properly. How you do this is up to you, but we suggest small lights installed inside or at the edge of each step.

Walkways and Paths

Installing lights along the edges of your paths and walkways is also an essential aspect for keeping anyone and everyone safe while walking to and from your outdoor patio. But how much light do you want pointed at the walkway? Some homeowners prefer something soft and subtle, others direct the lighting right at the path.

Add a Large Floor Lamp

While some floor lamps may not be suited for outdoor use, these fixtures can be still be utilized if the patio has a roof overhead. The main drawback to having a large floor lamp placed out on your patio is that it can take up some valuable space which can be tough for particularly smaller-sized patios. Just be careful about leaving it out there in the event a rain storm blows into town.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Patios with roofing can accommodate a ceiling fan which can make spending time on the patio in the dead of summer much more appealing. Not only will the fan blades bring about much needed air circulation to help you cool things down on your patio, but many of them come with useful lighting components to give you the bright and lasting illumination you need to stay safe out there through the evening.

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