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Keeping the fighting spirit going during a football match

As parents, we encourage our children to do well. We cheer them on and help them practice so they can be the best they can be. But none of that is any good if your child isn’t mentally prepared to want it or work for it themselves. That is why encouraging fighting spirit is something that all parents should do to help their child succeed. Here’s what you can do to help build their fighting spirit.To be clear we should say more of a determination rather than actual fighting.

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Team building

There’s nothing like healthy competition to help build a determined spirit. Wearing matching Football Kits, like those found at can help them realise that they all work towards the same goal and will feel the victories and defeats together. Teamwork helps build camaraderie and encourages them to become better.

Encourage effort

By recognising when your child is working hard you can help to teach them that their own effort can make a difference, win or lose, which helps tremendously with self-esteem. Encourage them to do their very best and be sure to tell them how proud you are if you can see how much they have tried. Help them to see that even if they lose there is an honour in defeat and lots can be learned.

High expectations

We all need to strive to go that extra mile in life and it’s a good idea to try and push ourselves. Try and translate to you children that being ordinary is ok but you can still go further. You must try to balance this out. It is not a good idea to push the child to far otherwise they will burn out.

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Failing is inevitable

We all lose from time to time. The best approach is to make sure that you child knows this  and accepts this as part of playing the game. Defeat is not the only thing about sport and they will need to learn that as with everything there is a balance.

Let them dream

Kids will always have plans for the future that you know are unrealistic. But it’s okay. If dreaming of something big gives them the drive and determination to work towards it then it can only be a good thing. Time will slowly erode that dream with reality, but that does not mean that they should stop chasing them altogether.

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