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How to entice tenants with these important rooms

When it comes to renting, it appears that outdated views about the concept being ‘wasted money’ are slowly dying out.

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A report in MyMove talks about the millennial generation and the reasons why they choose to rent rather than buy. Some of the key factors include them postponing marriage and children, the freedom of being able to move regularly, smaller rental payments in relation to mortgage rates, and the sheer lack of responsibility in knowing that their landlord will take care of any issues, maintenance or repairs in the property.

With more young people opting to rent, this is great news for residential landlords. But this doesn’t mean that they should get complacent. With so many properties to choose from, it’s important that you ensure yours stands out from the rest on the market. The new guidance is clear – renovated, attractive kitchens and bathrooms are what tenants value most in a home. How can you make sure yours are enticing potential tenants and not turning them off?

Fresh fixtures and fittings

Old, tired cupboards and bathroom units can give the house a neglected feel and make it appear older than it is. Where possible, it is really important to update fixtures and fittings in order to keep a property looking clean and modern. Remodelling a whole kitchen or bathroom, however, can be costly. Simply repainting units, installing great blinds and replacing knobs and handles can give the room a more contemporary feel.

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Cleanliness is key

Similarly, kitchens and bathrooms should be the cleanest areas of any house. Streaky shower panels, stained walls and grubby grout will make even a newer room look old and tired. Remove dust, cobwebs, grease and grime from the rooms before a viewing. Ensure windows and light fittings are clean with working bulbs as light flow can make or break the ambience in a room.

Protect yourself

If you are investing lots of money in renovating these important rooms within your house, it’s more important than ever to carry out an inventory using inspection report software ( prior to tenants moving in. The last thing you want is for your investment to be ruined by careless tenants.

Neutral colours

Bathrooms and kitchens aren’t places to make a statement. Keep paintwork and colour schemes neutral where possible.

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