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How to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro

Everyone wants a Christmas tree that looks amazing. Baubles, ornaments and lights that are expertly co-ordinated to look like something from a magazine! However, the reality is often different as once you are surrounding by heaps of tinsel and boxes of baubles, things don’t always seem as straightforward as you imagined it. Here are some tips to make your tree look like it was decorated by a professional:

  1. Pick a good quality tree

Whether you opt for artificial or real, invest in a really good one. These trees are more durable, better-shaped and will be sturdier for hanging decorations from. For the perfect Real Christmas Tree Leicestershire, visit a site like

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  1. Shape the branches

Before decorating, be sure to fluff and shape the branches so they look fuller. It can take a while but you’ll benefit from a more natural looking tree that’s looks far superior when decorated. Separate the branches and fan them out, covering any gaps. Don’t be afraid to bend branches in order to fill gaps in coverage. A beautifully-shaped tree will look amazing no matter how much or how little you choose to adorn it.

  1. Pick a theme

Most professionally decorated trees will stick to a theme, a central focus that brings all aspects together in a coherent and seamless design. Before buying decorations, choose a theme that will set the tone for your design and this will give you a clearer image of how to decorate the tree.

  1. Always start with lights

It’s much more difficult to add lights to a tree once you’ve started to decorate it. Wrap the lights around the tree, starting at the base of the trunk and working upwards. It is recommended that the lights are wrapped evenly on the branches closest to the trunk before weaving them up from the centre of the crown. Once at the top, weave them back down again a little further out on the branches this time. Repeat until your lights reach the outer tip of the branches.

  1. Baubles should be clustered

One professional tip that creates a visually appealing look is to cluster different sized baubles together, whether they are of the same design or contrasting.

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  1. Ribbons

Professional Christmas tree decorators also recommend the use of ribbons on a tree. Whether you use one type of ribbon or choose to layer contrasting colours, patterns or textures, this creates a stunning visual impact which softens the appearance of the tree as well.

  1. Tree toppers

After all the hard work decorating, don’t ruin the overall look by getting the topper wrong. It should ideally fit the theme, be the correct proportion and be the perfect way to complete your designer tree look. If you can’t find anything that fits the bill, handmade tree toppers are a great family craft activity and opportunity to create a new family heirloom for the future.

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