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House plants and how to use them

Sadly for us Brits, weather keeps us inside frequently. Unsurprisingly, many of us want to be surrounded by greenery even when we are cosied up on the sofa on long winter nights, and our love for houseplants has not waned over the years.

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The psychological impact of plants

Houseplants can brighten up an interior, remind us of sunnier climes, and have a general calming effect. They can provide comfort and excitement, particularly when their colours are lush and foliage abundant. Psychological studies have shown that houseplants can reduce anxiety, increase concentration levels and also help us to sleep better at night.

Some home owners will even dedicate a whole area of their house for relaxation and make a garden room with soft music and insense. If your not lucky enough to have this room then perhaps you could try a Loft conversion Bristol company who are professionals at what they do and will give you the advice you need. is just One link available to check out your options.

Conservatories can be the perfect spot to start off your houseplant adventure. If you are looking to install a conservatory there is a wide range of beautifully designed and built conservatories to choose from. What ever region you will find that conservatories will suit houseplants that need a sunny, warm and draught free spot. The tropical look and shiny leaves that houseplants often have will brighten up any dismal day, and on days when the skies are blue, you can imagine you are instead in your own little Caribbean paradise.

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Once you have your conservatory installed you could consider a succulent such as the candelabra tree or cowboy cactus (the Euphorbia ingens, to give it its Latin name) or the African milk tree (Euphorbia trigona).

Cleanse your air with houseplants

Larger houseplants are increasingly on people’s wish lists. Cheese plants and ficus are on the increase again after their previous successes back in the 70s and 80s. Yet the appeal may not now simply be aesthetic, as the RHS publication The Plantsman suggests that increased awareness of environmental issues has highlighted the role that houseplants play in cleaning our air in enclosed spaces. Apparently, their roots and leaves help to remove toxicity from the air.

Nostalgia and souvenirs

One of the most underrated benefits of having a houseplant to love is when it also carries with it memories. Houseplant cuttings that have been shared, or received, or a houseplant that has previously been in poor health but has been gradually brought back to life can bring enormous pleasure to many people.

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