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The health qualities of olive oil

The oil we cook with seems to fluctuate depending on the latest medical advice that is used or when a new diet is released. Many people utilise olive oil, coconut oil and a variety of different types of nut oils. Olive oil is a staple used in Italian cuisine both as a cooking option and it is also used as a base for many of their salad and pasta dressings. It adds a subtle but distinctive flavour to the dishes that you may taste at an Italian Restaurant Dublin like

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One of the reasons that we all like to use olive oil is the health benefits that are linked to it along with the health warnings of using too much of the unhealthier oil types. It is thought that consuming this oil, in one way or another, can help to decrease your blood pressure and also keep it at a healthy level. It is also thought to help prevent heart disease and some sorts of cancers as it contains monounsaturated fatty acids. When you look into olive oil, especially the varieties that are produced from olives grown in Italy you come across some interesting facts.

Italy exports their olive oil all across the globe but the country that imports the highest quantity of this oil is the United States. This could be in part due to the size of the country and also due to the fact that Americans tend to be amongst some of the most health conscious people on the planet. Olive oil is also much more versatile than just a food substance, people use it as a skin moisturiser or bath oil and also a hair product that can help to protect your hair against the damaging effects of heat styling.

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Have you ever wondered why olive oil is stored in dark green and brown to yellow coloured bottles? This is due to the fact that olive oil is sensitive to light. Light actually damages the oils anti-oxidant properties and is why the labels will tell you to store the oil away from sunlight, preferably at room temperature in a dark cupboard.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best quality oil that you can buy. This is due to the conditions that the olives are picked, processed and packaged in.  The olives are processed to extract the oil within 24 hours of them being picked and occurs at a lower temperature than other types of olive oil.

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