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Have you Considered your Website Photography?

For all types of marketing, including digital, the right use of photography is key.  A Branding Agency from sites such as will know all about this and be able to point you in the right direction. When a designer looks at a website he or she will need to know whether the customer is ready to invest in custom photography for that brand and digital asset or whether stock photography will be used.

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Commissioning Bespoke Imagery

There are real benefits to having photography commissioned. The main one is that the photography will be unique, and it will have been taken to suit the particulars of your brand, taking into account the subject matter, the campaign in question, the desired look and feel and practical considerations about the resulting images, such as orientation, sizing and how they will be used once in situ. A photographer will work to a defined design brief to produce exactly what is needed.

Using Stock Photography

However, for a lot of SMEs commissioning photography is an expensive business, and stock photography is a preferred alternative. This can often be a great option if the right photos are available for the business and the nature of the material being developed, but sometimes images need some work to be made to ‘fit’ the website and to look natural.

Editing It for Your Purposes

When using stock photography, a designer will be best served by editing this imagery to make it a better ‘fit’ for the site in question. There are a number of ways of doing this. The main approach is to use Photoshop and adjust key features such as exposure, saturation, contrast and other elements using the basic editing tools that are available for customisation.

The image can be made more vibrant by pushing the contrast upwards. Saturation effects can decrease the colour out to a fade or move it up to a bolder finish. Other techniques can also be applied, such as inverting colours and adjusting brightness levels. Another technique to customise the image and make it look bespoke is to blur certain elements of it so that key parts of the image jump to the foreground. The image can also be cropped, flipped or rotated.

How will you ensure you get the right imagery for your next website build? It’s an important part of any site, and you need to get it right.

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