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Hardwood Care And Maintenance To Keep Your Floors Looking New

When you decide to install hardwood floors in your home, you’re taking on a commitment to care for and maintain that material for as long as you own that wood flooring. Hardwood floors, no matter what the species or the rarity of it, require a lot of tender loving care in order to preserve its luster.

If you do not provide even a routine level of care and maintenance to your floor it can start to lose its appearance, age prematurely, and before you know it, could require refinishing or even replacing due to damage caused by neglect.

That neglect may not be just a matter of failing to clean it on a regular basis or using the proper cleaners to do the work, it could also be due to allowing potentially harmful things to impact the wood and seriously damage it in the process.

So before you plan on putting in flooring or if you already have it installed, here is a list of tips that makes Richmond’s hardwood floors look new.

Cleaning Your Wood Floors

Homeowners can choose between carpet and hardwood for their flooring with each offering their own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. But there’s one thing they both have in common, if you don’t clean them on a routine basis they can start to break down and lose their appearance.

But when it comes to flooring, the way you clean it is just as important as how often and which tools you use in the process. Certain species of wood are more delicate than others and some can retain their looks much longer with less maintenance. The type you ultimately choose is up to you, but there are some things you need to remember, regardless of the wood you have installed.

For starters, much like with carpeting, you must tend to spills and messes fast. Liquids and wood don’t mix and the longer you allow moisture to remain on your floor, the more likely you are to damage the wood even a little bit. Water damage can lead to a whole litany of larger problems, all of which can cost a lot of money to fix.

The Right Equipment

Floors need to be vacuumed and they need to be washed. Each of these jobs may require the use of different types of equipment. Vacuum cleaners are among the leading causes of floor damage and you may not even realize you’re doing anything wrong.

Scratches and scuffs can be avoided just as long as you are using the hard floor attachment that came with your vacuum cleaner. This is very important as it will greatly reduce the potential for long-term damage that can be very tough to reverse.

Be sure to steer clear of any cleaning tools that are abrasive. Sure, you’re not going to use steel wool on your hardwood floor, but consider some of these dry pad sweepers that are on the market. They’re effective at removing dust but be careful about dirt and other gritty particles that you may end up scraping against the wood as you sweep.

Buffing machines are also a no-go. They’re not intended for use on most wood flooring and trying to do so could seriously damage the finish and the wood surface.

Cleanser Choices

Before you purchase any cleanser for your floors, be sure to read the label first. You want to stay away from abrasive cleaners with heavy powders and harsh chemicals. These can degrade the finish of your wood and you’re left with a bare surface that is now vulnerable to damage.

The type of cleanser you want to purchase is the one that is specially made for hardwood flooring and won’t erode the finish. Stay away from anything that contains ammonia and avoid those oil-based options as these too can affect the finish and leave your floor looking worn out and poorly maintained.

No Sharp Objects

Last but not least, try to avoid anything sharp from getting anywhere near your hardwood. Shoes with sharp heels, spiked cleats, and rubber soles should all be kept off the surface. They can all be damaging and increase the wear and tear your floors receive. Basically anything that can scratch, gouge, or otherwise pierce the wood in any capacity should not be allowed near your flooring.

Homeowners with pets may want to keep nails and claws trimmed as these can also have a negative impact on the life of your beautiful hardwood flooring. Your pets will feel more comfortable having their nails clipped too.

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