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A Great Business Logo is More Than Just a Symbol

Creating a great logo for your business is a smart decision. Logos are not simply a fancy graphic image used as a business status symbol. A logo embodies the very essence of your business brand. It conveys with graphics, colors and words a subtle message that tells consumers what your company is all about. This makes designing a good logo a much more complex process than many people realize.

Grabbing Attention

The best logos have a way of instantly grabbing attention. It must do this in a way that is not offensive in any way. A logo can stand out for many reasons. Every element that makes up the graphic image should be carefully weighed so that your logo is modern and appealing. This can be achieved by using fictional characters or cartoon images of real people. It can be done with a striking symbol or images that pops off the page. Getting attention does not necessarily mean flashy. Take a look at some big company logos that have become famous in their own right. These are beloved logs that may have changed over time in some respects, but still retain those original elements that consumers love.

Color Choices

Color choices for logos are very important. Colors are connected to creating moods. Cool color tones like blue are calming. Red, orange and yellow are bright colors that are often associated with fun activities. Brown and gray tones are more serious and reserved. Black and white are two neutral colors that can be successfully mixed with other colors.


Choosing a symbol to represent your business is a great way to make the logo more eye-catching. The key to picking symbols is to figure out which ones best capture a specific aspect of your company. For example, a lightening bolt corresponds well with energetic themes. Energy and sports companies can easily use this symbol to represent power and quickness. A tree, leaves or flowers are representative of nature and beauty. Any company involved with natural products or services can incorporate these symbols with good success. Check out the logos of companies in your industry for ideas.

Your business will greatly benefit from having a professional customized logo created for your brand. If you prefer to do things on your own, find a company with a sophisticated DIY logo design tool. Either option produces a great logo you can use to establish more credibility.

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