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Five more ways to attract customers to your pub

The shape of the licensed trade in the UK has changed significantly in recent years, with the market becoming more competitive than ever before.

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In addition to normal competition from other establishments, initiatives such as Stoptober have been introduced. Those who sign up to Stoptober do not drink any alcohol at all during the month of October. Add in a generation of millennials who have completely different attitudes to drinking than their predecessors and you have an even more challenging landscape.

According to the British Beer & Pub Association, the number of pubs in the UK has fallen dramatically over the last couple of decades.

These changes have had a profound effect on the pub trade, meaning that licensees need to come up with more and more inventive ways to attract customers into their pubs. Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

Get in on the healthy habit

As a nation, we are more health conscious than ever before and this is an area where pubs can get in on the action. Non-alcoholic drink offerings need to be more exciting than traditional cola and lemonade. Adding post mix juices in a variety of healthy-sounding flavours, such as orange and passion fruit or cranberry, is a great place to start. Companies such as supply a wide range.

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Food menus that include ‘skinny’ or ‘lighter’ options will also be popular.

Get social

Millennials are joined at the hip with their devices and social media accounts. Historically, a venue would receive feedback after the event via an email or phone call; today, a good or bad review can be in the public domain within seconds. Pubs that can work this to their advantage not only stay on top of what customers are saying about their venue but also get to influence it.

On the subject of social media, it is also really important that any venue offers a good Wi-Fi service – you will lose customers left, right and centre if you don’t.

Apps are now a big thing in pubs. No one seems to want to order at the bar anymore; instead, they want to be able to order their food and drinks from their seat and even reserve their seats in advance. Pubs need to stay abreast of these digital trends.

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