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The Five Reasons Why Genio is the Best Software for Electrical Contractors

Managing remote workers is one horrible requirement of businesses that employ experts who need to work on the field. It is difficult to communicate with the workers and setting up tasks that are in sync with timelines and expectations are close to impossible. It is a harrowing nightmare that a manager has to face. But Genio app changed all that.

Genio app is an industry leader in remote management. Thousands of companies around the world use this to manage different facets of their businesses—from electrical servicing, work scheduling, face recognition, attendance, messaging, and location tracking. You name it. Genio App has it. Let us take a look at how Genio App can help your business.

Face ID Attendance 

Electrical contractors waste precious time if they require their field workers to visit the office for the sole purpose of clocking in. The Genio App allows for face recognition to record an employee’s attendance. Whether you want it to happen in the head office or on the work site, the app can verify the employee’s face and record that log-in time. The supervisors who are running the team remotely can track payroll with accuracy. The employee does not need to waste travel time by leaving the office and heading to the work site, especially if they are working on electrical projects. The employee can go directly to the work site and clock in from there.

Chat and Efficient Communication  

The app has a dedicated chat system that allows you to create your group. The team leader now has direct access to send messages to the members on the field, thereby lessening the need for meetings, which, again, is a waste of time. The supervisor can send quick follow through and instructions through the chat box and every active member will see it. It lessens errors because the worker can ask for further clarification if he needs it. It also allows a team leader to issue job orders to specific people so they will not point fingers as to who should do what.

Task Creation  

Apart from sending quick messages on chat, Genio App allows you to create specific tasks for a team member. An example of this is servicing a series of homes. The deployed field worker can see the complete instruction and address of the customer. This works well for businesses that offer electrical repair or installation services. Once the task is done, the member who got the assignment simply needs to log it as closed. Then he can move on to the next task.

Organize Job Orders and Product Releases  

In a huge company, there may be new products that you have to introduce to your team. As such, this will require that you meet the members and explain in detail. With the Genio app, this is no longer necessary since you can upload any type of information in the app, be it instructional design, product launch, or an event. The app has the capability to let you create calendar events for new job orders and meetings. This is accessible in different branches. All your team leaders can receive the same job orders that have the same deadlines, instructions, and order fulfillment information.

Real-Time Location Tracking  

With Genio App, you no longer have to worry where your team members are. You know exactly where they are because the app is equipped with a real-time GPS tracker. If an electrician said he is in 123 main street but the app says he is in Nowhere Drive, you know right away that you need to talk.      This real-time tracking also allows the supervisor to make logistical decisions that make sense. If the next house that needs an electrical service is just a mile away from the employee’s current location, then it makes sense that it should be prioritized.


The Genio App is the top software of its kind. It is one of the best electrical contractors software currently available in the market. It has integrated all possible functions that a supervisor in the field of electrical work can ever need. With Genio App, the work is streamlined, organized, and there is unity in the movement of your service personnel. The leader can use his time to expand the business instead of wasting it in micromanaging the employees

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