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Five Pieces of Warehouse Equipment That Commonly Need Repairs

Regardless of how well you look after your warehouse equipment or how hard your staff work, there are always things that need repairs, maintenance or upkeep. This fact has nothing to do with productivity or quality, but fortunately it’s a simple problem that can be addressed in a proactive and positive way.

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If you know what is likely to need fixing the most, you can keep tabs on your equipment and ensure it always stays in working order for the longest time possible.


Many people underestimate just how essential these tiny cars can be, and how dangerous too. Replacing worn parts, greasing the mechanical parts and ensuring tyres are properly aligned will go a long way to keeping your forklift ready for action.

Pallet Racks

Pallet racks take a lot of wear and tear, and they may even be subject to the occasional bump from a forklift. Industrial shelving in Ireland can be supplied by a company like, and in this case you’ll be able to replace or purchase new racks and shelves as needed at competitive prices. But if this isn’t an option, you should ensure that your racks are always in good condition and that frequent inspections of the bolts and stands are conducted.

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Automated Doors

A huge convenience in a warehouse, these doors allow for easy access and are usually far bigger than a standard opening. But they need to function properly, so regular servicing of them is essential. Getting stuck half way or not closing could be detrimental to a business, and depending on the design, you may need to replace pulleys or make sure that parts are well lubricated for ongoing use.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment is crucial to keeping a warehouse in serviceable condition, but the irony is that this equipment also needs to be cleaned. Ride-on floor cleaners, industrial vacuums, soap dispensers and hand driers are just a few of the things you need to keep tabs on the condition of.

Mezzanine Levels

If you’ve installed a mezzanine level, you need to make sure that the base is secure and that there are no faults in the construction. Over time the mezzanine floor may shift, so this needs to be monitored, especially if it is being used to store heavy equipment or products.


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