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Are You Feeding Your Dog The Right Amount?

When it comes to feeding your pet, it’s important to know what you’re giving them and in what portions. With a multitude of pet brands out there, it’s tough to make a decision as to how much you should be giving your pet to consume on a daily basis.

These all-important components of your pet’s diet will be vital for making sure your pet lives a long, healthy and happy life. Most veterinarian companies in richmond va agree recommend that you determine the amount of food you give your dog based upon assorted essential factors such as age, size, health condition, active lifestyle, and the food itself that you are feeding the dog.

But those are just some of the essential facets that go into figuring out whether or not you are feeding

your pooch the right amount of food. There are others that you should also take into consideration as you try to decide how much feeding your dog needs each day.

Nutritional Requirements

Much like people, different dogs have different nutritional necessities. Young puppies will need certain kinds of food while older dogs will need another certain, specific kind of food. This is all based around the levels of protein, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals that are contained within the feed.

But not every type of food has the same levels of those nutrients within, so you’re going to want to read the label on your pet’s food to be sure they are getting the nutrition they need.

Different dog breeds are also part of the equation when you’re considering how much nutrition they need. Active, high energy dogs are going to burn more calories than dogs that do things much slower and more relaxed.

Puppies and adult dogs will also need to be fed more often throughout the day while elderly dogs are going to need less food, as they are not as active as their younger more spry counterparts. This could lead to weight gain, which could prove unhealthy in the long run.

Daily Feeding Guidelines

Many dog food brands will give you some recommendation as to what amount you should be pouring into the bowl. These guidelines are a good start for helping you decide what your pet needs to eat in order to stay healthy. Don’t rely solely on these recommendations, take them as an equal part to the above considerations as well and you can be sure you will always be feeding your dog the right amount.

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