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The fastest road car in the world. Fossil fuels not included.

It’s the news that petrol heads like Jeremy Clarkson have long been dreading or rather refused to believe would ever happen. They can no longer stand and wax on about the Bugatti Veyron, the McLaren P1 or any Ferrari ever made, the old guard has a new challenger. Unveiled this year is the Pininfarina Battista. Not only does it have an extremely long name it is also extremely fast. The huge difference between the Battista and the other cars mentioned is quite simple, it is electric. Regardless of its power source it would still be subject to a MOT Centre Gloucester service like the ones provided by

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As consumers we are starting to challenge the norm when it comes to Cars. We want to help protect the environment; we want to reduce our motoring costs but we really, really do not want to give up using them. Therefore, manufacturers are starting to seriously look at producing automobiles that are purely electric. Hybrids that use both petrol and electric are not knew, there were many such types of car in development in the 1920’s well before the Toyota Prius came on the scene. The industry is reacting by not only working on making petrol more efficient and  diesel non-existent but focus on making the all-electric car the new norm. There are even some intrepid Welsh designers working on the first fully Hydrogen powered car.

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What does this new car offer and what can it do? First of all it has a mind blowing top speed of, supposedly, beyond two hundred and seventeen miles per hour. That is equivalent to a Formula one car. Due to the fact that the weight of the car is greatly reduced due to the lack of a need for a heavy petrol engine and exhaust system this helps the car achieve the speed. It also means that the acceleration rate allows it to go from zero to 60 in an astonishing two seconds. Luckily the leather interior seats are well cushioned so when you get pushed back into them it’s extremely comfortable. As it can go at 217 mph it is reassuring to know that it will stop when you ask it to and this is due to 4 ceramic disc brakes. There is also an airbrake rear wing to help you when you do put the anchors on. There won’t be a rough ride as the car is tuned for comfort.

One of the main criticisms of electric cars is that they don’t make an engine sound. The Battista overcomes this via the clever use of acoustics in the car so that an engine sound can be heard. One other point, to fend off any Clarkson type moaning, it can do a massive 280 miles on a full charge. Perhaps you could wave to him as he fills up his Veyron for the 12th time that day?

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