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Why are engagement rings so important?

When you think of TV shows or movies where a marriage proposal took place, there is normally a lot of consideration and planning that’s gone into the selection of the engagement ring. Why is there so much importance placed on the ring? Is it because men have been told exactly what sort of ring their partners would like, and they are just following order, or is it more than that?

The tradition of giving an engagement ring comes from the times of the Ancient Egyptians. The custom didn’t become massively widespread though until it reached ancient Rome. The ring was viewed as a commitment to the eternity of a relationship. It also served as a timely reminder to other bachelors that a woman with a ring on her finger was no longer free to be courted.

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Some have argued that an engagement ring should somehow reflect a woman’s worth. It has been said that the cost of a ring should amount to the same as the husband-to-be’s salary. This is an old-fashioned idea that wouldn’t sit well with our modern thinking. This old-fashioned idea throws up all kinds of issues. How do you define someone’s worth? Why should a man spend that much money on a ring? Modern women might want to buy their own ring and not feel like they are being bought.

It is true to say though, that people want something special and unique to give to their beloved, with the goal of finding a ring that is as beautiful as the person they’ve fallen in love with. The buyer wants it to be an item to be treasured for the rest of that person’s life.

An engagement ring is a little like your relationship status on Facebook. Once it’s updated and announced to family and friends, it acts as a symbol that you’re heading down the aisle soon. Engagement rings speak a thousand words in their symbolism. For a Diamond Ring fit for your beloved, visit

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They also act as a personal reminder. Each time you gaze down at it, you’re reminded of the reasons you fell in love with the person who gave it you. It’s a reminder of the life-long commitment you’ve made to one another. It’s also a symbol of the future as the eternal band represents unending time and love. Many people enjoy expressing their love and want to tell the world about it. A ring does just that. It acts as a clear message that you love that person and want everyone to know it.

A ring is a symbol of commitment and an ancient tradition, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make such promises without a ring. A spontaneous proposal without a ring can be just as romantic and moving. If you find yourself in this position, a ring can always be purchased after he or she has said yes!

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