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Dressing for your body type

There is nothing finer than opening up your wardrobe that you have had lovingly fitted by Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes company and seeing it full of items that all fit your body shape and make you feel confident and happy. But the reality is that most people are not only unaware of what their body shape is but not sure how to dress to enhance this.

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There are essentially four basic body shapes, and these include straight, apple, pear and hourglass. Here is some information on each of these shapes and how to dress to with your body shape in mind.

Straight (also known as Athletic)

People with this body type tend to not have very many curves and their shoulder and hip measurements are usually almost equal. There is little definition to the waist area and the body tends to be in a straight up and down line rather than curved in any area and weigh distribution tends to be evenly spread across the whole body. To enhance your body shape people with an athletic shape should wear strapless and halter neck tops along with dresses and skirts of any length and skinny jeans and leggings.

Apple (also known as upside down triangle)

If your body is of an apple shape you will find that your body areas are in good proportion to one another but will find that your shoulder measurement is larger than that of your hips although this does not necessarily mean that you have a curvy hip area and your waistline does not have strong definition. If you have an apple shape you should dress in A line designs and V neck tops as well as maxi dresses and skinny jeans.

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Pear (also known as triangle)

People with a Pear body type tend to have larger waist area to their busts and usually have a fuller hip region with your shoulder being narrow than the hips. These individuals also tend to have a larger rear area. To dress for this body shape, you should wear plunging neckline and scoop necks as well as open backed dresses and those with belted waists along with bootcut or flared jeans.


This body type is the curviest of the four and the one with the well-defined waistline with bust and hip measurements being almost equal but more than the waist creating the definition in this area. If you have an hourglass figure you should wear tops that are fitted with pretty much any neckline being suitable as well as silhouette dresses and those with belted waistlines along with stretchy jeans and fitted jumpsuits.

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