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Different Types of Live Wedding Music

If you’ve got your heart set on live music for your wedding, it can be tough pinning down the right band. To give you a helping hand, here are some of the most popular options for a fun-filled musical wedding reception:

Classic Wedding Bands

These are the types of band who perform pop and rock favourites an specialise in wedding receptions. They will have a large and varied repertoire, appealing to a broad range of people and ages. They normally have between 4-6 members and play guitar, keyboard, drums, bass and a vocalist. Popular song choices include artists like The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse and Kaiser Chiefs for example.

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Acoustic Bands

For those looking for a more ‘festival’ style wedding, acoustic ensembles are increasingly popular. This band style suits those who are seeking a less formal wedding, outdoor weddings or barn receptions, for example. The band size varies from duos to full folk band set-up. You can expect to hear songs by Mumford & Sons, George Ezra and Ed Sheeran.

String Quartets

If you are seeking a more formal or romantic affair, then a string quartet is a classy choice. They will be able to play all the classical favourites from famous composers, movie theme tunes, Disney songs or even some classically-styles pop songs. A string quartet is bound to impress and will make a wonderful addition as you tie the knot. Why not consider a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester? Hatton Court is the perfect Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire.

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Jazz Bands

Perhaps you want to match your wedding music to a historic or glamourous venue, adding a sense of occasion and atmosphere. In which case, you might be tempted by a jazz band to complement a black-tie event. There are various different sub genres of jazz, so listen to the bands before booking to ensure you get the right sound for your wedding. Expect to hear jazz classic such as ‘Fly me to the moon’ and ‘Summertime’.

Vintage Bands

Becoming increasingly popular in recent trends is the vintage band who play hits from the 1920s, 30s and 40s for example. There will be upbeat swing numbers as well as plenty of slow ballads from yesteryear. These bands are also great at putting a vintage spin on modern songs and are ideal for a wedding with a strong retro or vintage theme.

There are many different options for live music hire at your wedding. You can book medieval musicians, popular solo vocalists, steel bands and even choirs. Consider your venue in terms of location, size and suitability for your chosen band style. It definitely helps to go along and watch a live performance by any bands you’re interested in.












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