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Same Day Courier services are the life line of many businesses and even help with domestic deliveries and helping people out who like me often order items that are way to big to fit into my car. I have my favourite Same Day Courier services company telephone number on speed dial.

Couriers are asked day in and day out to deliver various items and sometimes they are slightly unusual. Here are a couple of the strangest items that have been delivered:

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  • In the 1970s a member of the public who was incredibly frustrated with the number of subscription style spam mail that was posted through his letterbox. He noticed that most of these had inside the envelopes a postcard that had been pre-paid ready for you to return with your confirmation to sign up to whatever it was that they had to offer. He had a brain wave. Whatever the postcard was attached to would also have to be delivered and would also be subject to an excess weight charge. So, he attached the post card to a brick, just a bog-standard brick and arranged for this to be delivered. What a genius idea.

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  • In 1816 Henry Brown was born into slavery and just 30 years later he saw his wife and children sold on to a different owner. He couldn’t bear the thought of being apart from them and he couldn’t cope with being in slavery anymore, so he decided to post himself to a state where slavery had already been abolished He had a good friendship with the local storekeeper and he arranged for the shipment to take place. He spent a total of 27 hours curled up like a baby in a wooden crate whilst it was moved from vehicle to vehicle. He travelled on a wagon, baggage car, steamboat and a ferry before he reached his destination. After he reached his destination and the crate was opened Henry Brown, quite understandably, fainted.

Nowadays it would be impossible to have yourself couriered and thankfully there should never be a need for it. Your preferred courier service will be able to deliver most other items and can have them sent to national and international destinations on same day, next day and dedicated delivery services. They deal with pre-planned deliveries as well as those urgent and sometimes emergency situations that inevitably arise. So next time you are wondering how you are going to get an item from A to B, regardless of its size, give a thought to a courier.

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